OSR Survival Horror Rules and Supplemental Material

The Base Rules and Options
OSR Survival Horror: My 2nd edition of my rules for survival horror film homage games
OSR Survival Horror: Ability/Skill packages for quick character builds

Firearms Rules
Vehicle Rules
OSR Air Combat

Fear and Madness Rules: a little extra spice
Ritual Magic: Folkloric and Infernal
Ritual Magic: Anyone Can Cast
Mentalist Class
Spiritualist Class

Necromantic Items
Necromantic Items II

Mini-Settings, Adventures, and Creatures
Run Piggy, Run: Backwoods horror mini-setting
Dawn of the Dead (1978): A mini-setting/funnel with movie characters and maps
The Thing (1982): The stats
The Thing: Outpost 31 and personnel
House of Darkness Adventure

Jason Voorhees
Freddy Kreuger
The Creeper: Jeepers Creepers
Ash Williams, Re-animator (1985), Randolph Carter (The Unnameable, Unnameable II), and Snake Plissken: Statted out for use in games.
Zombie-rama: A variety of cinematic zombies for use in your Old School Games

Carnivorous Ice Worms
Greater and Lesser Wendigo
Demon Corpse
Vampiric Wraith

Kolchak Files:
The Zombie
The Ripper

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