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OSR Firearms Rules

The basics if inserting firearms into my games.
Stats for basic firearms will be posted separately by era (Colonial, Victorian/Western, Pulp, Modern.)

Here are the basics:
Normal combat initiative is 1d6 + Dex bonus.
Drawing a Weapon
A character can draw a weapon and use it in the same round but with a penalty of -3 to the iniative roll and a -4 to the attack roll. This can be further modified by equipment bonus or penalty and character ability such as the Gunfighter fast draw ability.

Example: A character has a +1 Dex bonus and is using a pocket pistol for an additional +1. He rolls a 5 on his initiative -3 for pulling a weapon in the same round +2 for bonuses for a total of 4 on initiative.

Equipment Modifiers for Drawing a Weapon (-3 to initiative)
Derringer or Pocket Pistol +1 
Heavy Pistol, Carbine, Sawed Shotgun, Coach Gun -1 
Heavy Carbine, Rifles, Shotguns -2 
Short Barrel +1, extra –1 to range penalties
Long Barrel -1, increase range increment by fifty percent
Flap/Army Holster -1 
Swivel Rig +1, -1 to hit, must unhook to reload
Spring-sleeve Holster +1 

Rate of Fire
Normal Attack
Anyone can make one attack per round with no penalty. The basic careful shot.

Single Action Pistols
The shooter can make two attacks with a -3 penalty per shot.

Semi-Auto and Double Action
The shooter can take two shots per round with a –2 per shot.

Fan the Hammer/Flick the Lever
Holding down on the trigger and fanning the hammer of a single-action revolver with your off hand or quickly flicking the lever and pulling the trigger of a lever-action carbine or rifle to fire rapidly.
3 attacks, -4 per attack.

Full Automatic
Full automatic fire uses  five bullets per attack. The shooter can fire at a rate of three, four, five, or six attacks per combat round. At three there is no attack penalty, at four each shot is at a -2 penalty, at five each shot is at a -3 penalty, at six each shot is at a –4 penalty to hit.

The attacks can be concentrated on a single target or down a line of targets within five feet of each other.
Automatic fire is lethal. Watch yourself.

Firearms have five range increments, and suffer a standard –2 penalty per increment after the first.

Point Blank: Within 10' of a target (5' for derringers) the shooter gains a +2 bonus to hit.

Firearms which require a magazine take only one round to reload and ready. However a desperate shooter can hurry the reload and attack with a –2 penalty for rushing the attack.

Non-magazine weapons (revolvers and rifles with internal magazines for example) can only reload a maximum of three bullets per round. No other action except movement can be attempted while reloading. However, a shooter can, if desperate, reload one shell and attack with a –4 penalty for rushing the attack.

A single shot weapon (break open, bolt action, etc.) requires a full round to reload.

A muzzle loading weapon takes two rounds, fire on the third.
Any action other than walking requires a Dex check otherwise the reload fails and must be started again,

Aiming with Firearms
Take a round, gain a +2 bonus to one shot. The attacker can do this for two rounds (no more) for a +4 bonus to hit.

Basic Accessories
Reduces autofire penalty by one point for machineguns.

Telescopic Sight
The telescopic sight gives a +2 to +4 bonus to hit depending on strength and quality of the scope.
This stacks with the aiming rules.

Two Weapons
-2 penalty primary hand, -4 off hand.
You can use the multiple attack options with this. Example: firing two double action pistols twice.
-2 for each shot is added to the Two Weapon penalties for a total of -4 primary/-6 secondary with a total of four shots.
This is reduced with Point Blank fire (see under Range above.)

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