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Run Piggy, Run. An OSR Survival Horror Mini-Setting

Run Piggy, Run
"Hey boy, you look just like a hog.... Come on piggy....I bet you can squeal. I bet you can squeal like a pig."
Mountain Man - Deliverance (1972)

The following location describes the territory of a terrible clan in what has become to be known as Backwoods or Redneck horror. The basics of this genre are simple: an small clan of backwoods hillbillies who are often inbred and cannibal in nature live deep in the woods or hills and claim the surrounding and as theirs. Often the family has been there for generations living in a ramshackle, junk filled home or other abode. Usually the protagonists are campers, hikers, or road-tripping kids who stumble across the hidden family and are hunted down and killed. Those who survive are changed forever.

The stories are not just limited to films such as Deliverance, the Hills Have Eyes, and more modern flicks such as House of 1000 Corpses and the Wrong Turn series. Backwoods Horror has a rich history. The terrible Sawney Beane clan, the murdering Harpe Brothers, and the Bloody Benders are but a few examples of man's capability to break away from civilization and descend into primitive violence and chaos.

Don't take it easy on the PC's. Give them a fun but bloody time.

First up is the Twain Properties followed by statistics for the Twains in the familiar old school format.

Getting PC's Involved
There are many ways to justify getting the PC's into the woods and stumbling across the Twains.
Camping and fishing: campers or hunters out for a weekend away.
Lost: any of the above plus just plain don't know where they are at.
Missing person or persons: friends searching for a lost friend or authorities searching or investigating missing persons in the area.
Road trip: kids, almost always teens or young twenty-somethings out for a good time. Sex, drugs, and booze.
Vehicle breakdown or out of gas: wrong place, wrong time.

Three miles off of an old backwoods dirt road, in a heavily forested area, lies a large elevated clearing with the Twain farmhouse and outlying buildings. A six feet wide dirt path leads from the old dirt road winding over and around the forested hills. Beyond the propertly lies a large area of swampland.

The Forest
The Twain's mark their property approximately a half mile out from the clearing, where the dirt path is broken  by a rickety log bridge over a slow moving stream. They mark their territory with animal skulls and bone windchimes. These are very prominent along the path between the bridge and the clearing. A number of traps have been set in the woods to dissuade trespassers and trap animals for fur and food. The traps are well hidden and can only be spotted on a roll of 1-2 on a 1d6.

The frequency of the traps are:
The forest near Twain property: 1 on a 1d6 every three hours in the forest.
The forest claimed by the Twains: 1 on a 1d6 every thirty minutes in the forest.

Examples of the traps include:
Bear Trap: 1d8 to foot. Move 1/2 for a number of days equal to damage unless healed magically.
Fish Hooks: When stumbled into it hits on a 1-2 on 1d6. 1d2 points of damage to face/eyes. If hit on a 1 chance of blinding an eye is 5% per point of damage.
Pit Trap: Fall 10' into spiked pit. Roll Saving throw (or Dexterity check, DM choice) to grab onto edge. Otherwise, hit by 1d4 stakes. 4d4 damage, Save for half damage. Stuck on stakes until rescued.
Snare: Saving throw (or Dexterity check, DM choice) or leg snared for 1d3 damage. Character dangles 10' in the air. To cut down the snare is AC 5 (12 if the one snared is cutting) and the snare has 4 hit points.
Spiked Tree Limb/Pitchfork/Spear: Tied back with tripwire. Roll to hit, +1 to hit. 2d6 damage.
Toe Popper: A shotgun shell buried nose up with a nail on the primer. The damage is 1d8 to the target's foot and movement is now halved for a number of days equal to damage rolled unless healed magically.

The  Twain Farm
The edge of the clearing is separated from the woods by a low sagging rusting wire fence with many gaps and a gate blocks the entrance to the farmyard. At night the gate is locked.

The clearing itself is approximately two hundred and fifty feet wide oval,  elevated roughly 10' from the forest, and cleared of trees decades ago by the original owners. Sickly grass grows on the outer edge of the clearing. The ground closer to the buildings is bare dirt with ruts and scattered debris. On the backside of the property a hole in the fencing leads to the swamp path.

1) The Barn
Rotting and sagging. The inside is filthy with soiled decaying hay and rusting old farm implements, rotting tack and harness, and lumber twisted with age. Inside is a rusty delivery truck with an enclosed back with doors parked inside. A spare key lies under a stone at the well. Four five gallon cans of gas are stored here as well.

Hidden under a pile of hay in the northeast corner of the barn is a ratty trap door over a roughly three feet wide shaft leading down fifteen feet into the earth. This is an entrance into the Tunnel Complex (see below.) There are four sticks of old dynamite in a hole in the wall near the middle of the ladder connected to a short fuse, matchbook, and pull-string contraption kept dry in an old coffee can. Any weight in the sixth rung down will light the fuss with a snap and hiss of smoke. Characters on the ladder will have to roll initiative vs the dynamite (it has no bonus to the roll.) Hopefully the characters will get to go before the dynamite. On the character(s) initiative they may move up the ladder and out of the trap. The trap explodes on the dynamite's initiative for 5d6 damage still in the tunnel with no Saving throw due to the confines of the tunnel.  This will not collapse the tunnel but it will alert everyone on the farm.

At the bottom of the shaft the connecting tunnel slopes downward gradually another 5' into the earth.

2) Smokehouse
This shed is sturdier than the others with no gaps in the boards and a large padlock on the door.
Inside is the hung up smoked bodies of two hogs and one unfortunate woman who was captured a while back.

Made of old slapped together boards and a rough-made door which closes with a length of rusty chain and a nail. A number of axes, bear traps, corn knives, hammer and nails, saws, saw blades, shovels, hoes, rakes, scythes, sickles, and other old rusty tools. are piled on rough benches lining the walls. Old lanterns and three gallons of kerosene and five gallons of gasoline are stored here as well. A hidden air shaft for the Tunnel Complex is located outside the shed, coming up the back of the structure as a disused tin stovepipe.

Piled next to the shed is a large pile of cut and split wood. The pile is lazily covered with a ratty staked-down tarp.

4) Outhouse
Unspeakably filthy. Old clothes from previous victims are used as toiletry rags. Old lurid magazines and newspapers are piled her as well. The pit beneath the outhouse can be used as a hiding place, as vile as it is.

5Pigpen and Huts
Seven large and filthy hogs root around in the muck here confined by a sturdy fence of old boards. At night or on hot days they retreat to the four rusty huts at the rear of the pen. The Twains use these hogs as eating pigs. Other pigs exist in the Tunnel Complex (see below.)

6Chicken Coop
A smelly ramshackle building of boards and chicken-wire stuffed with old hay and housing 18 scrawny hens and two roosters. The Twains come out daily to gather eggs. There is a space  between the floorboards of the coop and the ground which can be used as a hiding space.

7Tree Stump Slaughter Area
Near the coop. It is an ancient hollow tree stump scarred and covered in gore and filth from years of cutting the heads and bodies of chickens, hogs, and other animals. A rusty hatchet and variet of butchering knives are stuck in its surface. An ancient whetstone lies on the ground besides. A scattering of ancient feathers and small bones are stuck in the scarred bark and on the ground around it. A second hidden air vent for the Tunnel Complex comes out here running up under the stump into the hollow center.

8The Well
Near the house is an old stone lined well. A rotting well cover lies on the stones and an old rope and bucket sit beside it. Uncovered the water is twenty feet down, cool, and clear. If the old truck is available a spare key is hidden under a loose stone here. A third hidden air vent for the Tunnel Complex comes out here. A missing well stone ten feet down provides the hole.

9Dog Kennel
Two scraggly hunting hounds, vicious and noisy, guard the yard.

10Family Graveyard
Nine graves with crude wooden markers. The older bodies are interred in wooden coffins, the newer bodies are wrapped in blankets or tarps. All are bones now and most show signs of disease and deformity.

11Swamp Path
A hole in the wire fence leads to a narrow path leading a half mile through the woods to the edge of swamp.  An ancient leaky rowboat with oars is dragged upon the shore. It is used to row to the moonshine still in the swamp island and to dump bodies into the depths of the fetid waters.

The Farm House
A roughly patched farmhouse with filmy old windows covered in holed rusty screens. The faded slat boards are bereft of any paint and large gaps are between more than a few boards. The roof is a mass of rotting ancient shingles patched with old rusty flattened tin cans. A crumbling brick chimney juts crookedly into the sky surrounded by rusty weather vanes and lightning rods. More bone and metal wind chimes hang from the eaves and porches.

The house has three porches, a small porch on the east and west and a large front porch on the north. The interior contains four bedrooms, one kitchen, a pantry with stairs leading down into a dank cellar, and a living room.

All doors into the house are stout windowless oak two inches thick. Each door has a key lock, a chain lock, and metal brackets to slip in a plank to bar the door. The screen windows are all screwed into place although the interior windows can be raised to allow a breeze into rooms. The screens can be cut open with a small amount of noise. Ripping them open would be much louder.

The interior of the house has a subtle smell of mildew, rot, body odor, and other unsavory smells. Ma fights the smells as best she can. Mice thrive in the house and other buildings.

The house is wired for electricity and is provided for by a pair of wires run through the woods to a nearby county line. Blackouts are frequent and the family is well stocked with candles and lanterns.

1) Front Porch
Old rotting boards make up the porch, many of which will break if weight is put on them. If the characters aren't careful, such as running over the porch fleeing for their lives, there is a 1-2 in 6 chance that they will break through a board. If this happens the victim must make a Dexterity check or his or her foot breaks into a rough splintery hole taking 1d3 damage and requiring a Saving Throw (Paralysis) or movement is reduced by half until the lost hit points are healed.

Rusty lawn chairs and an overflowing ash can are the only bits of furniture on the porch. A dingy bulb in a conical metal fixture attached to the eaves provides weak light to the front yard. A pair of lanterns hang from the porch posts. Two screened bedroom windows and a stout wooden door lead into the house. The windows and the screens are too dirty to properly see through and the interiors are covered in heavy tattered drapes.

2) West Porch
A small rotting porch off of the living room. A covered living room window and a side door which is often open during the summer for a breeze lead into the house.

3) East Porch
More decaying wood and a door leading into the kitchen as well as a screened window into Ma and Pa's room.

Front Hallway
A dim bulb hangs from the ceiling just inside the front door. A switch is at the end of the hallway by the living room. The hallway has many old boxes piles along the walls and the four bedroom doors are partially hidden by these boxes and shadows until one is almost upon them. The end of the hallway opens into the living room.

The boxes contain a variety of lightbulbs, candles, lantern oil, spare lanterns, winter clothing, and masses of old shoes and trinkets from travellers killed over the years. A few contain polished human bones and scraps of preserved scalp and skin in cluding faces and ears. Metal implants, hearing aides, dentures, partials, etc are kept in a single box. Another contains a number of official ID's ad papers collected from victims.

4) Uncle Jasper's Room
The room is dominated by a filthy bed covered in dingy stains and filth. It smells like a rotting trash heap. The bedside table is covered with an overflowing ashtray, empty beer cans, small tools, bottles, and other junk as well as a pair of candles and a lantern. A box of matches sits nearby. A rusty straight razor lies in the dresser drawer with a pile or old watches, locks of hair, and teeth. A wood-axe leans between the bed and dresser. The floor is littered with old food can and trash as mice play among the debris. A ratty electric bulb and shade hangs from the ceiling. The switch is by the bedroom door.

The closet contains old clothing, boots, and hanging from a long useless light cord is the mummified head of a missing 13 year old girl from many years ago.

5) Otis and Ned's Room
Another fetid den with two dirty beds and a floor covered with old clothing, blankets, furs, bones, and a variety of junk and trash. Porno and old pulp mags are stacked haphazardly in the corners and by the beds. A lantern hangs from a wall hook near the door. The boys ripped out the overhead light long ago.

The closet contains a spare bow, seven arrows, a spare single-shot shotgun, a partial box of five buckshot shotgun shells, and two home-made spears. A pair of cowboy boots made from tattoo'd human skin and a leather working kit in an old carpetbag is in the corner.

6) Ma and Pa's Room
This well kept room contains a large queen-sized bet with freshly laundered sheets and a quilt. The floor is clean and covered with a vanity rug. Mousetraps sit in the corners and under the bed. Two dressers topped with old family pictures and a variety of metal and ceramic knickknacks and gewgaws line the north wall. A large ornate brass candle lantern sits on the left dresser. The drawers contain a variety of out of date men and women's clothing. A small skin-bag of teeth and fingernails is hidden in the sock drawer of the right dresser. An ornate light and shade hangs from the ceiling. The switch is near the door.

Two pair of used slippers sits next to the closet door. Inside the closet is hung neatly pressed suits and dresses as well as a variety of shoes and boot on the floor. In the back of the closet lies two mousetraps and a human spinal column coated with varnish and twisted into the shape of a cane. The closet contains the only functioning closet light in the house.

The nightstand beside the bed holds an ornate lamp plugged into one of the few outlets in the house, a windup alarm clock, two candles, matches, and more pictures of people who have no resemblance to the family or the old pictures on the dressers. Inside the drawer is a variety of cough drops, cough syrup, Pa's .38 revolver, 15 spare shells, and $147.32 in a variety of bills and coins.

7) The Girl's Room
Neat and clean with a large double bed. A large round area rug lies in the center of the floor. A large dresser with a vanity mirror and chair sits along the north wall. Candles, matches, a dizzying amount of makeup tubes and applicators, and a stuffed black cat sit o the dresser. A lantern hangs from the corner of the mirror frame. On the east wall hanging from nails variety of wigs in various styles and colors. Careful inspection will reveal that roughly half of the wigs are in fact entire preserved women's scalps. The over head light stopped working and the girls now rely only on candles and lantern.

The closet is a riot of women's clothing, shoes, purses, bags, and other female paraphernalia.

Under the mattress of the bed is a number of pens and a pair of diaries kept by the girls. They contain details of their everyday life including the many murders and atrocities committed by the family as well as dates and names of victims.

8)  The Living Room
The living room is dominated by a large patched leather couch facing an ancient fireplace and mantle in the south wall. A small metal cooking spit sits in the fireplace for midnight mystery meat snacks. The mantle is lined with more pictures of non-relatives and a number of images of deer and other animals carved from what appears to be wood and bone. Above the fireplace hangs a large faded portrait of a sailing ship in a storm. Stuffed deer heads flank the portrait.
A deerskin rug lies on the floor near the kitchen entrance, The room can be lit from a large elecric chandelier hanging in the enter of the room. It has a pull switch.

A pair of dingy reading chairs and book tables flank the couch. Atop the western table is a few bottles of alcohol, a bag of tobacco, and Pa's favorite pipe on a metal pipe stand. The metal is unusual and if examined closely by someone with dental or metal knowledge may be revealed as dental amalgam, melted down fillings. The eastern table holds Ma's crossword puzzles and romance novels.

Several standing shelves sit along the walls packed with novels, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other resource books. A radio cabinet plugged into a wall outlet sits next to the north wall. Leaning next to the radio cabinet is a corn knife.

9) The Kitchen
The kitchen contains everything the family needs to prepare their meals. An old wood stove and a pump sink sit on the south wall. A large cutting table with blocks of knives and cleavers sit in the south-center of the room with a pair of chairs flanking it. A large dining table ad chairs sits on the north area and an old washer/wringer sits in the corner. The wood of the cutting table is heavily scarred from use. Cabinets contain a variety of dishes, glasses, and utensils. One cupboard contains a set of crowns sawed from skulls and lined with lead as bowls. Ma keeps a clean kitchen,
Mousetraps are on the corner of counters and the floor. A large shaded electric light is hung on the north wall over the table and the stove on the south. The switch for both is above the sink.

10) The Pantry
Shelves and boxes of preserved vegetables, fruit, and meats in cans and jars. Barrels of flour and other edibles. Cheeses and hams hang from hooks in the ceiling. A set of rickety stairs lead down to the cellar and the back door leads out of the house. Mousetraps, empty and with occupants, abound. A pull string light bulb hangs from the ceiling just inside the doorway.

11) The Cellar
Skull-face's domain. A cot with filthy blankets and pillows sits in a corner. A workbench sits nearby with tanned human and hog skins and leather working tools. There are also mechanical tools and spare chains and parts for his chainsaw. Several full length human skins complete with heads of hair are tacked to the walls. A bucket of stale urine sits in a corner. A stolen cigar store wooden Indian sits in a corner, damaged with a missing head and wearing a ragged dress stolen from a past victim. In place of the wooden head sits the withered head of old Granpa Twain, dead many years. None of the family dares come down here and none said a word when he dug up Granpa's grave to get the head.

Near the cot, hidden beneath a moldy section of carpet is a crude trapdoor set in the dirt floor. It covers a three feet wide shaft going ten feet down into the earth. A five feet diameter tunnel leads into the nest of tunnels beneath the farm (see below.) Buried in the floor of the tunnel halfway to the main complex is a nail and shotgun shell trap. Anyone walking across the toe-popper has a 1-2 on a 1d6 chance of setting it off. Everyone in a line of passerby's rolls until everyone has passed or someone sets it off. The damage is 1d8 to the target's foot and movement is now halved for a number of days equal to damage rolled unless healed magically.

At the bottom of the shaft the connecting tunnel slopes downward gradually another 10' into the earth.

The Tunnel Complex
The tunnels are cramped, dank with standing water, and smell of rot, mold, feces, and other nastiness. Each tunnel is roughly five feet in diameter leading down into underground rooms. The rooms are dug out of the earth and are of mostly smooth hard-packed mud and support timbers. The floor of the rooms are slightly higher than the tunnels causing run-off. There are two entrances to the complex. The first is in the barn the second is from the cellar. Both are trapped (see descriptions in the barn and cellar sections above.)

Crude wiring runs from the house into the ground or dim lightbulbs mounted on walls and room ceilings. A number of old oil lanterns are hung here and there with matches in most rooms.

The Complex serves as a hiding place for missing persons taken for sport and delicacies as well as a fall back in case they are raided. The entry tunnels can be collapsed by knocking out support timbers sealing the Twains in. Air is provided by air shafts dug up and hidden in the Workshed, the Well, and the hollow Slaughter Stump. They figure they can slip out through the dung pit in the Underground Hog Pen, follow the underground stream to the cliff in the Swamp, and flee.

1) Bedroom
A large 20' x 30' mud-packed room with a ratty carpet unrolled on the floor. The ceiling is roughly eight feet tall. Six rusty bed-frames with moldering mattresses are in the room, three on the North wall, and three on South. A large post is driven into the hard packed mud floor through the carpet. A number of long chains with pad-locked straps are screwed into the post.

Muddy footprints, old clothes, chicken bones, and other debris litter the carpet. This room is used as a hideout and sex dungeon by the Twains.

2) Stores
Roughly the same dimensions as the Bedroom the floor to this mud-packed room is covered with loose wooden planks. This room  contains the Twains emergency food supplies. Piled around the walls are crates and barrels of supplies including:
Tins of tobacco and ammunition
Cooking oil, matches, pots, and pans
Cans of fruits and vegetables as well as several styles of can opener
Dried floor, salt, pepper, peppers, corn, and ther vegetables in pouches and bags
Barrels of pickles, onions, home-brewed liquor, and water
Strips of preserved cheese and meat of various origins
Keys to the Bedroom chains, Slave Pen,  and other locks on a support post in the niddle of the room
In the center of the room is a stone-lined fire pit with a well used and dirty roasting spit.

3) Slave Pen
This 20' x 25' room is stifling with much need of fresh air but surprisingly clean. The ceiling is only 5' tall. The walls have been lined with concrete and brick with chains bolted to the masonry. The west and south doorways are barred doors set into a stout wooden door frames and padlocked shut.

The floor is covered with old blankets and clothing. Old buckets and spittoons converted into chamber pots sit in the northeast corner.  A rusty knife is hidden in the blankets by an unknown past victim.

Currently there are two young abused and traumatized women chained in this room. One is named Evelyn, the other Annette. They were hikers who were captured by the boys. A third girl, Marlene, was with them but was killed by Skull-face in a fit of rage as she shrank away from his face. Her body was fed to the underground hogs (see below.)

4) Barred and Locked Doors
The doors set into the north and south wall of this tunnel are stout wooden planks affixed to wooden poles sunk into the ground on each side of the two tunnel openings. Both doors are chained and padlocked, mostly in fear of the underground hogs breaking free and running amok.

5)Underground Hog Pen
A 20' x 30' morass of muck, bones, rotting carcasses, and small trinkets such as buttons and buckles from years of victims being fed to the mutated pigs kept here. Seventeen deformed and pale hogs call this place home. They are the product of generations of underground hog breeding for the express purpose of removing the remains of the Twains' victims and to serve as emergency food in case the Twains must go to ground.

If let out or they escape  the hogs will go on a murderous rampage attempting to trample and eat anyone in the complex.

Attached to the south of the hog pen, blocked off by a fence of thick wooden poles, is a dung pit where the Twains dump filth mucked out of the pen when it gets too thick. . A 3' hole opens to a 5' deep shaft that opens into a gently sloping underground stream leading to the swamp south of the farmyard. The stream runs through a short 4' tall tunnel which can be easily waded through if necessary. This is the Twains emergency exit if raided and they seal themselves into the tunnels.

The Swamp
South of the farmhouse is a small patch of swampland fed by various small overland and underground springs. It is heavily overgrown with trees, rushes, and  filled with brackish water. The air smells of wet rot, fish, and frog. Poisonous snakes and other life slithers through the waters and small bog islands.

1The Still
On a solid patch of ground a hundred yards off-shore of the path is the Twain's still. Hidden in a small hollow on the island and surrounded by thick brush it produces most of the Twain's drinking liquor. The brush around the island is booby-trapped with fishhooks at eye level, a spiked pit, and four sticks of dynamite sealed in an old tar bucket near the still. The chance of encountering a trap is 1-4 on a 1d6 for the fishhooks and 1-2 for the pit and the dynamite. If spotted they can be avoided or an attempt to disarm can be made.
Fish Hooks: When stumbled into it hits on a 1-2 on 1d6. 1d2 points of damage to face/eyes. If hit on a 1 chance of blinding an eye is 5% per point of damage.
Pit Trap: Fall 10' into spiked pit. Roll Saving throw (or Dexterity check, DM choice) to grab onto edge. Otherwise, hit by 1d4 stakes. 4d4 damage, Save for half damage. Stuck on stakes until rescued.
Dynamite: A trip wire rigged to a flare in the bucket will set it off in 1 round after igniting. Whoever trips the wire will have to roll initiative vs the dynamite (it has no bonus to the roll.) Hopefully he will go before the trap. On the character(s) initiative they may move away from the trap. The trap explodes on the dynamite's initiative for 5d6 damage in a 30' blast zone of force and shrapnel from the bucket and wrecked still. Character's can make a Saving throw for half damage. If blown everyone within several miles will hear the blast.

2The Escape Route
The underground stream, described above in the underground hog pen, is the escape route for the family. It exits from a 4' hole nearly 10' up on a small hillside cliff two hundred yards west of the still and quietly empties into the foul swamp water. The opening is covered with dangling moss and brush to conceal it and a small fishing boat is concealed in the brush nearby.

Meet the Twains
The Twains are a reclusive family living on an isolated farmstead in the backwoods. They are rarely seen in town unless they need some supply they cannot scavenge or jury-rig. They are shunned by their neighbors with a family reputation as drunken, inbred, degenerate, ignorant, thieving, immoral, heathen, hillbilly sonsabitches. Unknown (although a few neighbors may suspect) is that they are also murdering, rapist cannibals; a monstrous series of family traditions which go back for generations. They prey mostly on travelers and victims kidnapped from towns several counties away that they drive to in their beat-up delivery truck.

The Twain family consists of:
Pa (Eldon), Ma (Violet), Uncle Jasper, the Boys (Otis, Jess, Ned), and the Girls (Daisy, Eve.)

Pa (Eldon), 53
The patriarch of the family Pa appears as a thin, graying-haired grandfatherly type Ala Mr. Rogers. He comes off as a kindly but not terribly competent farmer who will ask those who come across the farm for help in exchange for a meal or even money to lure them in. He puts on the same act when they travel to find victims from afar. He is a master performer and is in truth a degenerate fiend who keeps the family traditions of murder, rape, and cannibalism alive and well and passed on to his progeny.
HD: 2
HP: 10
AC: 10
Hit: +2
Save: 14
Con: 13, Int: 13, Wis: 13, Chs: 14
Special: Backstab (+4 hit, x2 dmg)
Equipment: .38 Revolver (1d6 dmg, 6 shots), Corn Knife (1d6)

Ma (Violet), 51
A graying tall  farm wife in neat dresses and a friendly smile. Ma was born Pa's younger sister. They were married by their Pa before they were twelve. She is as crafty as Pa and plays the kindly old farm wife well until it's time to crush someone's head with a hammer. She is an excellent cook and seeks to pass her skills to her oldest daughter Daisy. Ma is constantly fighting a war with the mice to keep the house clean and will go berserk, losing her mask of sanity and chopping or stomping any mouse to mincemeat with maniacal glee. She is forbidden by Pa to go near or enter Otis and Ned's room nor Jasper's room for fear of losing her mind over the filth and attacking them. Otis, Skull-face, and Ned are her children by Pa, Daisy is by Uncle Jasper.
HD: 2
HP: 8
AC: 11
Hit: +2 melee, +3 ranged
Save: 14
Dex:13, Int: 13, Chs: 13
Special: Backstab (+4 hit, x2 dmg), Stealthy (+1 to surprise foe)
Equipment: Hammer (1d4), Butcher Knife (1d4)

Uncle Jasper, 66
Pa and Ma's uncle he is the father of the girls with Ma. Jasper is a short, swarthy, balding man with ogling eyes and a constant sneer. Jasper is the official keeper of the family's old long pig recipe book.  He is usually dressed in shorts, boots, and a bloodstained thick leather apron and little else unless there is need to go into town. He is gruff and unfriendly to everyone except Skull-face who he fears will snap and kill him one day. When Pa and Ma are taking in guests for the evening meal he often stays in the barn or tunnels, smoking his cigarettes and waiting to dress the meat. When they travel he is usually the driver.
HD: 3
HP: 13
AC: 12 (leather apron)
Hit: +4 melee, +3 ranged
Save: 13
Str: 13, Dex: 13, Int: 15, Chs; 8
Special: Open Locks (55%), Alert (-1 to be surprised)
Equipment: Axe (1d8+1), Razor (1d3+1)

Otis, 38
The oldest of Pa and Ma's Otis appears a dirty half-wild hillbilly with filthy long hair and beard. He spends much of his days in the woods hunting for meat and checking on the swamp still. He is dressed in fetid leather and untanned animal skins and never without his Bowie. He is the oldest of the boys and they will do as he says unless Pa over-rides him. He is actually well educated by Ma and an avid reader and radio listener for current events. He will clean up and accompany Pa and Ma into town for supplies when necessary. He has had one child with his sister Eve. Others were conceived but died young from deformities.
HD: 4
HP: 18
AC: 13 (animal fur and leather)
Hit: +5
Save: 12
Str:15 , Dex:13 , Int: 15, Chs: 8
Special: Track (75%), +1 to surprise foe
Equipment: Recurve Bow (1d6), Bowie Knife (1d6+1), two Hatchets (1d6+1)

Skull-face, 31
The middle boy, Skull-face, was born as Willie but was burned in a fire set by Otis when he was three. Ma had to cut off his burnt lips, nose, and ears giving him his gruesome appearance and nickname by the rest of the family. He is a massive 6'6" and over three hundred pounds of muscle. He usually obeys Pa, Ma, and Otis without question. He dislikes Jasper for the taunting he received as a child and is neutral towards Ned. He is a savage and terrifying opponent when in a rage prone to killing anyone in his way. When in these states Ma has been able to calm him down. So far.
HD: 6
HP: 35
AC: 12
Hit: + +9 melee, +6 ranged
Save: 10
Str: 18, Con: 16, Int: 8 , Chs: 4
Special: Maniacial Rage (+2 dmg), Tough (+2 AC), Frenzied (2 attacks per round)
Equipment: Axe (1d8+5), Cleaver (1d6+5), Chainsaw (2d6+5)

Ned, 23
Ned is the youngest of the boys. He is deformed and brain-damaged from inbreeding, the worst of the lot. He is dressed in rags with wispy blonde hair and beard. He is a hunchback with a twisted spine and face is severely twisted that one eye set lower than the other. He never is allowed to go into town ever. The only time he gets away from the farm is during the road trips in the delivery truck. He is an expert sneak and haunts the woods and roads near the farm watching the normal people go bye. In another family he night have ended up in an asylum or under care but he is now too far gone.
HD: 3
HP: 14
AC: 10
Hit: +4 melee, +3 ranged
Save: 13
Str: 13, Int: 6, Chs: 6
Special: Backstab (+4, x3), Hide in Shadows (70%), Stealthy (+1 to surprise foe)
Equipment: Rifle (2d8), 11 shells, Knife (1d4+1)

Daisy, 34
Beautiful, seductive, intelligent, Daisy is a perfect lure for unsuspecting men and boys especially on hunting trips in the delivery truck. She is as crazy as Ma and when provoked is as dangerous as the rest of the family. She will one day take over Ma's position as Matriarch of the family and works hard at learning to follow in her footsteps. She hopes to settle down with Otis as the new Patriarch someday with their daughter Eve learning the family traditions. The two have had a number of children but most died young and their bodies consigned to the hogs. She has noticed Jasper and Otis have been eyeing Eve. She approves of Otis' attentions but has warned Jasper away.  She has recently begun to petition Pa and Ma to 'take in' a few women to help grow and infuse fresh blood into the family.
HD: 2
HP: 15
AC: 11
Hit: +2 melee, +3 ranged
Save: 14
Dex: 15, Int: 13, Chs: 17
Special: Backstab (+4 hit, x2 dmg), Stealthy (+1 to surprise foe)
Equipment: .32 pistol (1d5, 8 shots), Knife (1d4)

Eve, 18
A beautiful spitting image of her mother Eve is a dangerous young woman. Not as skilled as violence yet she prefers to pretend to be a damsel in distress to her family's victims. She will toy with them, lead them into traps and ambushes, and savor their betrayed looks.
HD: 1
HP: 5
AC: 11
Hit: +1 melee, +2 ranged
Save: 15
Dex: 15, Int: 14 , Chs: 17
Special: Backstab (+4 hit, x2 dmg), Stealthy (+1 to surprise foe)
Equipment: Knife (1d4)

Mutated Hog
HD: 1
HP: 8
AC: 11
Hit: +1
Save: 17

Bite (1d4)
Pack Attack: When swarming a target up to four hogs can attack a still fighting victim. Each hog adds a +1 bonus to bite attacks made by its pack mates vs the victim.

The Hills Have Eyes, sequels, and remakes
House of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects
Motel Hell
Southern Comfort 
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, sequels, and remakes
Wolf Creek series
Wrong Turn, sequels

Allman Brothers Band
Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys
Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Gregg Allman Band 
Hank Williams 
Howlin' Wolf
John Lee Hooker
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs with the Foggy Mountain Boys
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Marshal Tucker Band
Molly Hatchet 
Muddy Waters
Ram Jam 
Rye Cooder
Slim Harpo
Stanley Brothers
Ted Nugent

OSR Survival Horror: Ash Williams, 80's Lovecraft movies, and Snake Plissken

I had been itching to do some character conversions for Lovecraft adaptions and themed movies from the eighties and nineties.

I also enjoy using my Survival Horror rules to emulate famous character's that can either be used as NPC's or as PC's in some epic crossover one-shot event. They can also be used as examples for the players to show what they can build towards during advancement.

Ashley J. Williams, bumbling hero and destroyer of the demonic from the Evil Dead films and series. As seen in the series Ash can work with a team of deadite fighters though their chances of mutilation and death are high. Life around Ash is never dull.

Herbert West, played by the amazing Jeffrey Combs, was the protagonist in a series of films from the eighties and early nineties directed by Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, based on a story by Lovecraft. West's obsession with defeating death by reanimating the dead leads to a series of horrific mishaps and forays into madness. Aided by his tormented yet faithful friend and assistant Dan Cain, played by by Bruce Abbott, the duo set themselves on a path of tragedy and mayhem for those around them. It is fascinating watching the Player's try to catch West and Cain or to outwit the cops playing the demented doctors. Another scenario could include the Player's as modern day body-snatchers supplying West with materials.

Reanimation Serum
An evilly glowing viscous fluid, injected into the veins of the deceased. Herbert West has spent decades experimenting and refining his great discovery: the reanimation serum; the fluid that brings the dead back to the world of the living. 

Unfortunately he can't get the damn thing to work quite right.

The reanimated may not retain all of their higher brain functions. In fact, the less 'fresh' the corpse the worse the reaction is. Early versions of serum produced violent animalistic reanimated corpses. West later tried to refine the serum and its doses but the results were uneven as many of the corpses only blinked, gave horrible expressions, or cried out before sinking back into the oblivion of death. West has since gone back to the stronger, earlier version of the serum which produces the psychotic effects but he is more than willing to inflict them on the world to study them, examine them to hopefully find out what is wrong with the formula and hindering his 'great work.'

The subjects appear to be dead: their skin is pale, blood is pooled as there no heart beat, they foam at the mouth, and any wounds they have at death are not healed. Most are unpleasant to look at. 

The normal reanimation serum works as follows: 
Reanimation occurs within 2d6 rounds of injection and the subject doesn't come back with the same amount of Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma it had in life. The degree of loss depends on how long the subject has been dead as the less fresh the corpse, the more the brain is deteriorated. If the corpse had an Intelligence and Wisdom higher than the max on the chart below it automatically drops to the maximum allowed. 
Less than five minutes: Intelligence, Wisdom, and  Charisma maximum of 13
Five minutes to an Hour: Intelligence, Wisdom, and  Charisma maximum of 8
Longer than an Hour: Intelligence, Wisdom, and  Charisma maximum of 3 

Those reanimated come back as a creature with HD equal to half of the HD it had in life, round up (minimum one HD.) HP, attacks, Saving Throws, etc are treated as a normal monster of that HD. The receive the following special abilities:

  • Bite: 1d3 damage
  • Hideous: The reanimated are  prone to be dangerously psychotic and barely able to pass for human without some sort of disguise. Any wounds they died from will be obvious and unhealed. Most appear to be 'deadish' and leaking fluids and foam. Those who see an undisguised reanimated and realize that it is not human must make a Saving Throw (Paralyzation)  or suffer a -2 to all actions against the reanimated.  If they fail the Saving Throw by more than five they will likely flee in terror.
  • Fear of Fire: These reanimated have an instinctive fear of fire. If confronted with any fire torch sized or larger they must make a Saving Throw (Paralyzation) or be unable to melee attack the person wielding the fire. 
  • Retained Abilities: Those with more than a 3 in Intelligence may retain some use of abilities or skills they had in life albeit usually at a greatly reduced rate of competency. 
  • Above all else remember that the serum is a plot device, a tool for you to use as you see fit to have a good time. Roll with it.

Dan Cain, long suffering friend, assistant, and minion of Herbert West, Re-animator. Dan is infected with West's madness and obsession with the reanimation research. He has been marked by their experiences, often collapsing into a heap of wrecked nerves over the horrors he has seen and the close calls with the authorities their activities have spawned. West as had to manipulate Dan to keep him working on their research.

Randolph Carter, clever Miskatonic student and lover of the occult. He appeared in the Unnameable and the Unnameable II where he and his college associates fought the demon of Winthrop House, freeing the soul of Winthrop's daughter and finally defeating the beast at great cost in human life. Carter is a scholar through and through.; neat, precise, methodical, and with a seemingly endless supply of energy when investigating a mystery. 

Elliot Damon Howard, student at Miskatonic U and friend of Randolph Carter. Howard survived the night and follow up investigation of Winthrop house despite being wounded by the demon. Howard is not the brightest mind at Miskatonic, his assets are more physical than mental, but he is a loyal friend.

Snake Plissken, bad-ass from Escape from New York and Escape from LA. Snake is a fun  anti-hero character and the Escape movies would make a fantastic survival horror twist setting. Imagine an alternate team sent in to find the Macguffin. How would Players handle the situation? Maybe they are a back-up in case Snake fails. Perhaps only the one who delivers the Macguffin gets out alive?

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

I enjoy running players through movie scenarios. Let them have free run with the characters. It is always interesting and fun to see how differently things turn out from the source film. 

Dawn of the Dead is the classic sequel to Romero's Night of the Living Dead.
1978 and well into the zombie apocalypse Philadelphia is over-run with cannibal corpses. Three friends and a new ally make a desperate run for it in a helicopter. They eventually land at a mall and a massive zombie siege begins. 

The full outline of the story is here.

Arguably the hero of the film Peter is a level-headed SWAT trooper. He is well-trained in combat and tactics. He emerges as the de facto leader if the group. More info here

Roger is a fellow SWAT trooper and a fast friend to Peter. Roger urges him to escape Philly with him and his friends Stephen and Francine. Roger is weary of the horrors he has seen and it is affecting his ability to cope and survive. He often becomes wild and reckless which eventually dooms him. More info here
Francine is an employee of the TV and radio station where her boyfriend Stephen pilots the station helicopter. They plan to escape with their friend Roger, rendezvous with him and his new friend Peter at an over-run dock station and flee the city. Francine grows in skill and confidence throughout the film. More info here

Fran's boyfriend and pilot of the escape helicopter. Stephen is hot-headed and impulsive. He makes a series of bad decisions throughout the film. His arrogance leads to his doom. More info here.

And then we come to the mall. 
The mall used in the filming was the Monroeville mall in Monroevill, PA, east of Pittsburgh.
Here's a few maps from a brochure to get you started.

A revamped map from the old boardgame, if you want a jazzier yet simpler map

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OSR Survival Horror: Zombie-rama

Here's a few different zombie types from such great series as the Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, etc with a few extra bits.

Cannibal Zombie
Night of the Living Dead series.
HD: 1
HP: 6 (see below)
AC: 10
Hit: +1
Save: 17
Move: 90'/30'
Intelligence: 3 or less
Bite/Infect: 1d3 damage, any living human bitten must make a Saving Throw each hour after or turn into a Cannibal Zombie.
Deactivation: The fastest way to deactivate a zombie is to destroy its brain with a shot to the head . The head is AC:12, HP: 6. They are also vulnerable to fire, acid, and electrocution which destroys the nervous system,  but the method must do 18 points of damage before a zombie is deactivated. Any other damage to the body is ignored, although enough may blow off a limb, tear the body apart, etc at the DM's discretion.
Fear of Fire: A primitive part of the zombie's brain recognizes and fears fire. If any fire the size of a torch is waved at the zombie it must roll a Saving throw or retreat from the fire. If the fire is protecting a wounded victim the zombie's hunger is greater and it rolls the Saving throw with  a four bonus. If lit on fire the zombie will attack in a blind frenzy with a -2 attack penalty untiil the fire goes out or destroys the zombie. The zombie must take three times its hit points in fire or electrical damage to be deactivated.

The classic cinematic shambling zombie via George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and sequels. Slow, stupid, dangerous in packs. Drawn to lay siege to the living and slowly find a way in.

The Living Dead (Trioxin Corpse)
Return of the Living Dead series (I and II.)
HD: 2
HP: 10 (see below)
AC: 10
Hit: +2
Save: 14
Move: 120'/40'
Intelligence: Normal human
Bite: 1d3 damage, does not create more living dead. They are obsessed with brains which eases the pain of being dead. A T-corpse will target the head whenever they can. They will often grapple a victim to gain a +2 bonus to hit with their bite.
Total Destruction: The living dead corpses are not deactivated when their brains are destroyed. Even removing the head from the body will not stop it as the body and any parts removed will continue to wriggle about and fight by grappling,, kicking, etc. The body must be completely destroyed via cremation or powerful acid, or the nervous system completely fried by electricity. A total of 30 points of damage must be done to achieve deactivation. Smoke from cremation carries the Trioxin chemical and may create a new batch of the living dead as rain or other delivery agent carries it onto corpses.

T-corpses are unlike most depicted in modern horror media. All are created not from bites but from exposure to the 2-4-5 Trioxin chemical in either gas or liquid form. They are smart, fast, and insanely hard to kill without military grade weaponry. Freshly dead  T-corpses have their full intelligence and are quite able to use clever tactics and equipment to get fresh brains.

Rage Zombie
28 Days Later Series
HD: 2
HP: 12
AC: 11
Hit: +2
Save: 16
Move: 120'/40'
Intelligence: 3 or less
Bite or Claw/Infect: 1d3 damage. If blood or saliva enters a victim's system they victim will change into a rage zombie within 1d4+2 rounds.

Unlike other entries these 'zombies' are actually alive. The virus that infects them turns them into murderous raging killers with little intelligence. The virus is frighteningly easy to transmit and is rapid in its conversion of victims. They eventually burn themselves out due to starvation, dehydration, exposure, and other problems that the undead are not affected by. They also cannot swim and will drown in deep water.

Animal Zombie
This is built as a template to add to the infected animal's stats.
HD: add +2 hit points per hit dice
AC: +2 to base
Move: As alive
Bite/Claw/Etc: +1 dice step. If it did 1d4 damage it now does 1d6 damage, etc. Zombies don't hold back and do not care if their muscles rip or tendons tear. Their attacks are more ferocious.
Fear of Fire: A part of zombie's brain recognizes and fears fire. If any fire the size of a torch is waved at the zombie it must roll a Saving throw or retreat from the fire. If the fire is protecting a wounded victim the zombie's hunger is greater and it rolls the Saving throw with  a four bonus. If lit on fire the zombie will attack in a blind frenzy with a -2 attack penalty until the fire goes out or destroys the zombie. The zombie must take three times its hit points in fire or electrical damage to be deactivated.
Deactivation: The fastest way to deactivate a zombie is to destroy its brain with a shot to the head . The head is +2 to the zombie's base AC, hit points are the zombies normal full amount. They are also vulnerable to fire, acid, and electrocution which destroys the nervous system,  but the method must do 3x the zombies hit point in damage before a zombie is deactivated. Any other damage to the body is ignored, although enough may blow off a limb, tear the body apart, etc at the DM's discretion.

Fast and deadly. Deactivate an animal zombie as fast as you can because it has all of the advantages of its natural weaponry and senses combined with the toughness of the undead.

It may be possible to stop an infecting bite from a Cannibal Zombie. If a bitten limb is removed within 1d6 rounds the infection will have been caught before it spreads throughout the victim's system. The DM should roll the 1d6 and secretly compare it to how long it takes to remove the character's limb. If it's the same or less than the secret roll the infection has been cut out in time. This will only work with a Rage Zombie bite if the 1d6 rounds to amputate roll is lower than the Rage infection's 1d4+2 roll. 
Amputation rules.... here.

Blowing off Limbs
Zombie limbs can be targeted by adding a +1 to the zombie AC. Limbs have half of the target's full hit points and are rendered useless when these hit points are gone. An injured limb cannot be used to attack, climb, etc and an injured leg causes the zombie to move at half normal rate. If both legs are disabled it can only crawl, assuming it has an arm left to do so.

Pack Attack
When swarming a target up to four zombies can attack a still fighting victim. Each zombie adds a +1 bonus to bite or grapple attacks made by its pack mates vs the victim.

Sense Humans
Some zombies seem to have an innate sense for detecting living humans in their area. Within 10' of a hidden human the zombie has a 1-2 on a 1d6 to sense the human's life force and its location.

Art by Grimbro

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Freddy Kreuger for Survival Horror Games. OSR

One of the most iconic supernatural serial killers in cinema.
Here's his story.

Freddy Kreuger
Dream Demon
Hd 5
Hp 33
Ac 12
Hit +5
Save 11

Dream Master
Freddy can manipulate the dreamscape as he desires. He will often take the normal dream and twist it in strange and dangerous ways adding hazards and other obstacles to confuse and frustrate his victims. Treat him as a DM creating a dungeon.

Freddy cannot be permanently harmed nor destroyed in the Dreamworld. He takes damage normally; if the dreamer has an assault rifle in his dream it can do damage to Freddy, if Freddy summons a vat of acid and falls into it he is damaged, if the dreamer slashes him with a machete he takes damage. However...

Any damage done to Freddy is repaired if he takes but a single round to rest and do no other action or moves. If he is brought to zero hit points or lower he appears to die.  He then reforms in a new body 3d6 rounds later in the location of his choice.

In Dreams........
Falling Asleep
If a DM rules a character is in danger of falling asleep he can call for Constitution checks to stay awake every 15 to 20 minutes. Each roll is at a cumulative 1 penalty until the character falls into a coma-like dream-state. At first they will not realize they are asleep and the characters are now at the mercy of Freddy's depredations as he attempts to play upon their fears.

Fear Checks in the Dreamworld
Fear is the key to Freddy's killing sprees. He cannot damage the dreamers until he has made them afraid. He manipulates the dream, often based on their fears or desires he senses in the dream. He can manipulate the dream environment (recreating his boiler room is a favorite), alter their bodies, mutilate himself, kill dream versions of their loved ones, etc. His power to do this is limited only by the DM's imagination. This manipulation causes a dreamer to make Saving throws or be afraid. Each Saving throw failed by a character gives Freddy the ability to damage him or her. The more failed Saving throws the more damage he can do.

After the first failed Saving throw he can do 1d4 damage to a dreamer, the second gives him 1d6, the third 1d8, and so on up to a maximum of 1d12 damage. When a Saving throw is successful the dreamer is less afraid and the damage is reduced back down the scale in the same way.

The form of the damage done can be as simple as slashing the victim with his glove or as complicated as pulling the veins from their body and using their dream body as a puppet. The DM has  huge amount of fiat in this to simulate Freddy's control of the dream. This is how he can appear as a snake or a tv with arms. The form of attack is just flavor to get damage done.

If the dreamer fails his fear Saving throw he is at a disadvantage: all of the dreamer's combat rolls with Freddy (except damage) are at a 2 penalty and Freddy has initiative over the frightened dreamer although he will often let them go first and do their best to damage him in order to show them how helpless they are when it does not stop him.

Once the fear Saving throw is made and damage is figured out combat proceeds as normal. Initiative, attacks, Saving throws: all are normal combat procedures. Damage done by dreamers is normal damage based on what they have with them in their dream or what they can improvise.

Once the victim reaches zero hit points or less Freddy has free reign to kill him in the goriest and imaginative way possible. He may keep them alive for a few rounds to sadistically enjoy their terror before snuffing them out.

Combat with Freddy in the dreamworld is a losing strategy. The dreamers must stay awake or find a way to destroy Freddy outside the dreams.

Waking Up
Once locked into the coma-state that traps a dreamer in the dream he or she can attempt to wake up and escape. The dreamer must make three Saving throws. They take up an entire round, no movement or other actions, and do not have to be made immediately one after another. On the third Saving throw they instantly awake. Wounds acquired in the dream are retained in the waking world as well are small objects the dreamer was holding.

A dreamer can be awakened by those outside the dream if at least 1 hit point of damage is done to  the coma-like dreamer. This pain instantly awakens the dreamer.

Freddy can be pulled from the dreamworld into the real world if he is grappled by a dreamer and that dreamer is awakened.

Once in the real world he has no power to manipulate reality. He will attack primarily with his bladed glove (1d6) twice a round. He is not above picking up other weapons and using them.

Killing him in the real world has so far not permanently killed him. He will return to the dreamworld to wait for more victims.

This was a difficult write-up for me, especially working up the mechanics of the dream combat and Freddy's omnipotence in dreams. I tried to keep it within normal game mechanics without too much complication especially with Freddy's abilities to cause endless varieties of damage and illusions. The potential for mechanics bloat is amazing. Hopefully I accomplished avoiding this with the fear Saving throw effect mechanic.  Running Freddy will call for quick decisions and a lot of imagination on the DM's part. Enjoy.

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OSR Survival Horror: Quick Build Ability/Skill Packages

The purpose of my OSR Survival Horror  rules mods (found HERE) is to emulate horror and slasher movies of years gone by. To do so we need easily created and expendable characters. With the base system I have in the Survival Horror post I have added the following packages to help with this.

  1. Roll the six base attributes..
  2. Grab a skill package (and rearrange a few points to customize if desired.)
  3. Do the basic math of old school D&D attacks, saving throws, etc.
  4. Get some basic gear from the DM.
  5. Play. 

These packages are built for 2 hit dice characters, the minimum hit dice for what I consider average Survival Horror PC's and NPC's. Especially with average hit points for NPC's.

2 hit dice give  each package 12 points of abilities and skills.
For more experienced or just tougher PC's add more hit dice . Each hit dice added also ads 2 more ability/skill points as seen in the Survival Horror post.

Don't sweat it. Just play it up like a good horror film and when you die jump right back in with a quick built replacement.

Accounting +1
Appraisal +2
Business +3
Notice +2
Persuasion +3
Psychology +1

Blue Collar
+1 to AC
+1 to Hit
Drive +1
(Choose Job) +3
Notice +1
Repair +2
2  points to spend

Blue Collar, Electrician
+1 to AC
+1 to Hit
Drive +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Repair +4

Cab Driver
Drive +4
City Knowledge (Choose) +3
Notice +2
Psychology +2
Repair +1

Camp Counselor
+1 to AC
Acting +2
Music Inst (Guitar) +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Repair +1
Sneak +2
Swim +1

Civil Servant
Accounting +1
City Knowledge (Choose) +3
Computers +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Research +3

Criminal, Pick Pocket
+1 to AC
Notice +3
Security +2
Sleight +4
Sneak +2

Criminal, Punk/Thug
+1 to AC
+1 to Hit
Drive +1
Notice +2
Security +1
Sleight +1
Sneak +2

Medicine +4
Notice +2
Pharmacology +2
Psychology +2
Research +2

Acting +2
Music Inst (choose) +3
Notice +1
Persuasion +3
Sleight +1
Sneak +2

+1 to Hit
Climb +2
Drive +1
Drive, Heavy +1
Medicine +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +1
Repair +2

+1 to AC
Acting +2
Notice +2
Persuasion +3
Photography +1
Psychology +2
Research +2

Law +4
Persuasion +3
Psychology +2
Research +3

Driving +1
City Knowledge (choose) +2
Medicine +2
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Pharmacology +1
Psychology +2

Metal Head
+1 to Hit
Drive +1
Intimidate +2
Music Inst (choose) +2
Notice +2
Occult Lore +1
Repair +1
Sneak +1

Computers +1
Medicine +2
Notice +2
Persuasion +3
Pharmacology +1
Psychology +2
Research +1

Alertness ( surprised on a 1 on a 1d6)
Drive +1
Notice +2
Pilot +4
Repair +3
Survival +1

+1 to AC
+1 to Hit
Drive +1
Intimidate +2
Law +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Psychology +1

Police, Detective
Drive +1
Intimidate +2
Law +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Psychology +2
Research +2

Police, SWAT
+1 to AC
+1 to Hit
Intimidate +2
Law +1
Notice +2
Security +2
Sneak +2

History +1
Notice +1
Persuasion +3
Psychology +3
Religion +4

(Subject Taught) +4
(Secondary Subject Taught) +2
Psychology +2
Research +4

Notice +2
Persuasion +3
Pharmacology +1
Psychology +4
Research +2

Psychology +2
Research +4
Science (Choose) +4
Science (Choose) +2

Store Clerk
Acting +2
Business +1
Drive +1
Notice +2
Persuasion +2
Psychology +2
Sneak +2

Computers +4
Notice +1
Psychology +1
Research +3
Security +3