Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Still Alive

 It's been  a crazy year since the last post.

I got married last Halloween. Yay!

My diabetes kicked my ass. Boo!

I've been in physical decline since before winter. My balance and stamina have been severely compromised. I am on oxygen. I cannot do physical activity for more than a few minutes before I get exhausted and faint. I fall a lot if I'm not using my walker or near something to grab. I am healing a wound on my belly and after that we are removing my big toes due to chronic ulcers. 

With that said.... I am pretty darn happy. I love my wife and family and am on new routines for depression. I'm getting more activity in. I'm playing games again and have enough umph to start running them again soon. I am much better than I was a few months ago with a bit more stamina and actual energy to do my hobbies. Thank God and my wife.

So I am starting to write again as well and will try to update here and there.