Monday, May 18, 2015

Demon Corpse (OSR Monster)

Demon Corpse 
AC: 14
HD: 5 (HP: 30)
ATTACKS: Bite or Claw(1d6) or Special (see below)
SAVE: 11
SPECIAL: Circle of Flame, Immunities, Teleport, Vomit Flame
MOVE: 120(40) Levitation

Not every demon has a physical form. Demon Corpse's are created when such a demon escapes from hell and flows into a corpse, bonding to and reanimating the cadaver as its physical vessel.

They appear as a naked pale withered corpse with long greasy hair, black broken teeth, and black cracked talons. It floats along trailing black vaporous smoke and smells of decay, ash, and brimstone.

The Demon Corpse's primary attack is with its teeth and claws. It will surge forth trying to maul its victim to death.

The Demon Corpse can, once per encounter, creat a 30' circle of hellfire centered on itself. Those who are caught in the circle must make a Saving Throw or suffer a -2 to attacks due to a magical fear effect. The flames can be lept through to escape resulting in 2d6 fire damage.

The Demon Corpse is immune to fire and normal attacks. It is only hit with blessed weapons, magic, holy items and holy water, taking normal damaged from the blessed or magic weapons and  1d8 at the touch of holy items or water.

Three times per day the Demon Corpse can teleport 300'.

Three times per day the Demon Corpse can vomit forth hellfire in a ten  foot line doing 3d6 damage. The victim can make a Saving Throw for 1/2 damage.

The Demon Corpse can be turned as a Vampire.

When a Demon Corpse's physcal form is destroyed it is banished back to hell or whatever lower dimension it originates from.


  1. This begs to be thrown into a campaign with Zoroastrian leanings. This is what can happen if you don't properly dispose of the dead by leaving them for the vultures and sun to purify...

  2. that sounds like a great hook. totally going to steal that one :-)