Monday, January 12, 2015

Vampiric Wraith (Creature OSR)

Been dealing with a bad hip and some diabetes for a bit now and just haven't had the juice to post for a while. Going to get some things done with my time off this week.

First up.............

Vampiric Wraith 

AC: 14
HD: 8 (HP: 40)
ATTACKS: Bite (1d6) and Blood Drain (1d3 Constitution)
SAVE: 10
SPECIAL: Blood Drain, Immunities, Flight, Teleport
MOVE: 120(40) Flight

When the Vampiric Wraith attacks it is with it's razor sharp teeth doing 1d6 damage and drains 1d3 Constitution from the victim. (Recover 1 point per day of rest, no HP healed til all the Con healed.)

The Wraith is semi-material and it requires a +1 weapon to be hit as well as being Immune to fire, cold,  and takes half damage from  electrical damage.

Vampiric Wraiths are affected by Blessed and Holy items. Blessed or holy item do an additional 1d4 dmg. A presented Holy item keeps the Wraith at bay 10' unless it makes a Save -4.

The Wraith can teleport: 3x per day the Wraith can teleport up to 300'.

When dawn comes the Wraith must rest in its grave or tomb. It enters the grave by flying to it and sinking into the ground or tomb. It cannot leave the grave until sunset. Each round it is not in it's grave during this time of day it takes 1d6 HP per round. It is fully healed when it emerges at night.

To truly kill the Wraith it's remains must be dug up and its body pierced by a stake and then burned to ash.

The Wraith appears much as it did in life. It does bear the wounds of its death and appears with a deathly palor  and balefully glowing eyes. Its teeth are rotted and razor sharp.    It can speak and be heard.

One method of detecting the Wraith's resting place is to bring a white horse to the vicinity of its grave or tomb. The horse will refuse to walk over the grave or near the tomb. The body can be dug up and it will show the signs of being bloated with blood, supple limbs, new skin and nails grown, etc.


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