Monday, January 12, 2015

The Mentalist/Psionicist (New Class OSR)

A companion Class to the Spiritualist/Medium for my Colonial, Victorian, Lovecrafty stuff, etc, etc.

Whereas the Spiritualist is about contact and utility the Mentalist is about control and fear with a few neat tricks thrown in.

As with the Spiritualist the goals for the Mentalist was a quick, easy class with little conversion or writing up of new abilities/powers.

I want to use existing materials for these projects.
I want to keep it accessible with maximum utility.
As always this is maximized for my personal games. Take it, rearrange powers and abilities to your needs and tastes. Have fun.

The Mentalist (Psionicist)
Prime Requ: Wis
Exp: As Magic User
HD: 1d6, +1 after ninth level
Save: as Magic User
Attack: As Magic User
Weapons: Any one-handed melee, ranged weapons.
Armor: Any non-metal.

Mentalist Abilities:
Strong Willed
+2 Saving Throws vs magic/mental.

Frightening Aura (1/day/3 levels)
Summoning his will the Mentalist can create a dark and disturbing aura to frighten those around him. This effect lasts for one round per level of the Mentalist.

Those within 30' of the Mentalist must make a Saving Throw (Paralyzation) or move away from him immediately. The Saving Throw is at a -1 penalty for every three levels (3,6,9, etc) of the Mentalist.

They cannot return to his presence for at least one minute per level of the Mentalist. If they return before the duration is over they must make another Saving Throw to approach.

Mentalist Powers (Identical to spells)
Level One: Pick three powers. Usable 1/day.
At Level Two, Four, Six etc pick a new Power or increase a current one by one use per day (up to a maximum of 3/day.)

There are four Power Levels. Each is available at certain Character Levels.

Character Level: Available Power Level
1-5: PL I
6-10: PLII
11-15: PL III
16-20: PL IV

Power Level I
Charm Person
Hold Portal
Protection from Evil
Silence 15'
Sleep Strength

Power Level II
Charm Monster
Hold Person

Power Level III
Feeblemind (Affects all classes. Duration is 1 hour + 10 minutes per Mentalist Level.)
Hallucinatory Terrain
Power Word, Stun
Protection from Evil 10'
Wall of Fire

Power Lever IV
Animate dead
Power Word, Blind
Powe Word, Kill
Project Image
Time Stop