Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts: Pilot/Driver

Pilots and Drivers specialize in vehicle control and combat. This class represents fighter pilots, smugglers, professional drivers, bootleggers, etc. They are best in their vehicle but are capable adventurers outside of their machines.

All Backgrounds work well with Pilot/Driver and the Military, Government, and Show Business Backgrounds should work particularly well with this class.

XP, HD, BHB, and Luck as Mercenary.
Pilots/Drivers can use any weapon or armor.

This character can use his abilities while flying or driving thus the combination designation Pilot/Driver.

The Pilot/Driver is incredibly skilled at controlling his vehicle as compared to the average vehicle operator. He receives a +1 bonus to Pilot/Drive rolls at levels 1,3,6,9, and 10. 

The Referee should set a difficulty number for this roll based on the optional Skill rules in Appendix Four. Roll d20, add Level, Dexterity, and the Ace Bonus to the roll.

This ability also includes the art of navigating or finding ones position using Intelligence instead of Dexterity. Bonuses may be given for good charts, maps, etc.

A Pilot/Driver  also adds his Ace bonus to the vehicle's AC when at the controls.

Steely nerves are essential when behind the wheel of a ton of screaming motor and steel chassis hurtling along at high speeds. It's even worse with bullets flying at you and God knows what else during a Pulp adventure. The Pilot/Driver receives a +2 bonus to Luck saves involving fear or stress.

Grease Monkey
Pilots/Drivers are often called upon to make field repairs on their damaged vehicle. To fix it they must have the parts, take the time set by the DM, and make a successful d20 skill roll adding Level and Intelligence Bonus to the roll.

Quick Reflexes
The Pilot/Driver gains a +1 bonus to initiative. In Group initiative this does not stack, only one bonus is gained per side.

Steady Hands
The natural skill or experience of a Pilot/Driver gives him a +1 to attacks with vehicle weapons at 1st level, +2 at 5th level, and +3 at 10th level.  

Optional Skills
If the optional skills system is used the Pilot/Driver is treated as a Mercenary.

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