Saturday, September 18, 2021

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts: Explorer

Explorers are men and women who travel to distant lands to find new cultures, animals, and treasures. Some do it for science, others do it for fortune and glory. This class differs from the Treasure Hunter being more robust and focused on outdoor exploration as opposed to specialized tomb/ruin raiding.

This class can represent explorers, hunters, scouts, and any other outdoor orientated character concept.

Military, aristocracy, and science are excellent backgrounds for the Explorer.

XP, HD, BHB, and Luck as Mercenary.

Explorers can use any weapon or armor.

As a Treasure Hunter. Explorers are experienced at moving over rough terrain and climbing through hills, mountains, and ruins. 

Using a ranged weapon an Explorer can aim for one full round, taking no other actions, and receive a +2 to the attack. This increases to +3 at 5th level and +4 at 10th level.

As a Treasure Hunter. Useful to the Explorer as he encounters new people and lands. 

As a Treasure Hunter. Explorers are experienced at stalking game.

The Explorer is experienced at finding food, water, and shelter in the wild. This also allows for navigation and tracking with difficulties set by the Referee. This ability is based on Intelligence.

Optional Skills
Less combat orientated and more versatile than Mercenaries. If the optional skills system is used they are treated as a Treasure Hunter.


  1. Cool alternative class roster!
    I too really dig the Night Owl Games releases. The "Luck" system is a great twist on the Sword & Wizardry single saving throw mechanic.

    1. I just wish they would have a dedicated forum for fans. I really do dig all of their games. Some good stuff there.

    2. The company is pretty much a one-man or two-men operation, so they don't have much resources to admin forums and build the fan community. Thomas is active on OD&D Discussions. But maybe you can reach out to them and ask if they have plans for anything, like a discord server.

    3. Thank you for the info! I may ask, perhaps volunteer to moderate. I have ample time.