Friday, February 1, 2019

A quick OSR Alient/Mutant Class builder....

I had been working on a Hanna-Barbera space OSR space fantasy setting a while back.
Haven't finished it but decided to pull out the Alien/Mutant builder for creating quick generic Race Classes for such a setting. You are paying for abilities with experience points to be added onto leveling. Weaknesses help to reduce this. I set the base level experience cost as Cleric (1500 exp) as it is middle of the road, but there is no reason the extra ability point costs cannot be added to other classes if you choose to not have race classes. This can be done in any genre. To do so ignore the abilities such as Attack as Fighter or Tough (extra hit points or boost it up if you want to keep it.)

Alien/Mutant Builder
Base Hit Dice: 1d6
Base Experience: 1500 (Cleric)
Base Attack and Save: Cleric
Ability Points: 2 free. Each extra adds 200 exp to the base exp.

1 Point
Amphibious (can breathe both air and water)
Armor/Reflexes +1 to Base Armor Class (maximum of +5)
Cling (move across walls and ceilings at normal move)
Dark Vision (60')
Hearing (+1 to 1d6 to hear noise, can be taken twice)
Leap (can jump twice as far and twice as high as normal)
Melee, natural attack (1d4 damage, can be retractable)
Resistance +2 to Saving Throw vs (heat, cold, electrical, radiation, poison, etc)
Smell (can track by scent 1-4 on a 1d6)
Strong (+1 to Strength damage and attribute rolls, maximum of +3)

2 Point
Attack as Fighter (yep)
Extra Head (-1 to be surprised)
Extra Limbs (Extra attack per two extra limbs, -2 to hit, maximum of two extra sets)
Melee, natural attack (1d6, cannot retract/hide)
Ranged, natural attack (3 per day, 1d4, 20')
Tunnel (can move through soil and other comparable materials at half move rate)
Tough (1d8 base Hit Dice instead of 1d6)

3 Point
Alter Form (appear as creature equivalent to characters size: small, medium, or large)
Giant (HD increases one dice higher)
Levitate (move at normal walk speed)
Ranged, natural attack (3 per day, 1d6, 30')
Touch Attack (1d4 damage, ignores non-natural armor)

5 Point
Fly (normal speed)
Immunity (choose one: fire/heat, ice/cold, water, radiation, poison disease, etc)
Teleport (3 per day, 30' per HD)
Touch Attach (1d6 damage, ignores non-natural armor)

Attack Always On ( applies to ranged or touch attack, cannot turn off the attack, can be blocked with special equipment) - half of the attacks exp cost
Allergy to substance or condition (2d6 damage or automatic Saving Throw failure) -400 exp each
Grotesque (1/2 Charisma, round down) -200 exp
Language Impaired (Cannot vocalize any language except native tongue, can still understand others) -200 exp
Limited Mobility (movement reduced by half) -400 exp
Small (Base Hit Points reduced to 1d4, Tough only gives an extra 1d6) -400 exp
Weak (-1 to Strength damage and attribute rolls, can be taken a maximum of 3 times) -400 exp

Space Mantis
HD: 1d6
Base Exp: 1500 plus 400 in extra abilities = 1900
Save: as Cleric
Abilities: +2 AC (2 points), Melee (bite, 1d4 damage, 1 point), Darkvision (60', 1 point)

HD: 1d8
Base Exp: 1500 plus 2600 from extra abilities minus 900 in weaknesses = 3200
Save: Cleric
Abilities:  Touch Attack (fire, 1d6 damage, always on, 5 points), Immunity (heat, 5 points), Ranged (lava, 3 per day, 1d6, 30', 3 points), Tough (1d8 hit dice, 2 points)
Weaknesses: Allergy (water, 2d6, -400 exp), Touch Attack (fire) always on (-500 exp)

HD: 1d8
Base Exp: 1500 plus 1200 from extra abilities = 2700
Save: Cleric
Abilities: Abilities: +2 AC (2 points), Attack as Fighter (2 points), Darkvision (60', 1 point), Melee (tail swipe, 1d4 damage, 1 point), Tough (1d8 hit dice, 2 points)


  1. Edited the first paragraph to make the idea more clear that I'm using cleric experience points and not the cleric class as a base.

  2. Thanks. Thinking about making some mutants for Apes Victorious. With a Mad Max twist of beauty's on wheels from The Forbidden zones!