Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hyboria OSR Update

Updated my Hyborian rules found here.

Fighter Classes:

  • Removed Barbarian. Redundant class with my multi-class rules. Warrior and Scout does it better. Just 'feels' more correct to me.
  • Revamped Scout. More abilities. More utility as a distance and support melee fighter. 
  • Adjusted Pirate/Sailor. Added gambling. 
  • Added Knight for more of a straight warrior horseman as opposed to the Raider as bandit class.
  • Added Thug for an urban warrior class.
Tradesman Classes:
  • Renamed Bard to Entertainer.  
  • Removed Scholar. Replaced with Priest/Shaman. More useful 'wiseman' abilities such as healing, a bit of alchemy, etc. Can still use ritual magic. A bit Thulsa Doomy. 
  • Put a writeup for Hyborian thieves. Includes a +20%  Hyborian competency bonus (D&D thieves are just bad at their skills) and Gambling ability.
Spellcaster classes remain as is.

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