Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Haunted Valley: A Few Ways of Getting the PC's Involved

Hired to find a missing person  or find stolen item or items.
Hired to assassinate a resident of the valley.
Rumors of a lost treasure has found them, perhaps even with a map to ruins in the valley.
The Bishop's cousin, missing, last seen travelling through Geron via coach. Went missing and the coach went on ahead and reported his loss. The Party is hired to find out what happened.
Via traveling monks reports of witchcraft, diabolism, and evil spirits has reached the Bishop. The Party is hired to escort a member of the church to investigate. They are seeking proof of devil worship, black magic, witches, sorcery, demons, devils, ghosts, and anything out of the ordinary. If possible destroy the threats. They are also tasked with rooting out any other heresies be they mundane or supernatural in origin.

A family member or friend missing and must investigate. A scholar friend was passing through the valley. Last letter is from Geron. Stayed to study ruins and rumors of occult activity. Letters stopped alerting PC's to his disappearance. Where is he?
Perhaps a stolen family heirloom or even a stolen spellbook or item has led the Party to the valley.
An NPC in Geron murdered a family member, friend, or lover of a PC. He has tracked the culprit to the valley. The guilty party does not know who the PC is.

Seeking knowledge
Rumor of a magical tome or item in the valley reaches the ears of the PC's. They require it and must seek it out.
A member of the Party or someone they know is deathly sick and  mundane medicine has failed them. The Party has heard  rumors of a possible cure in the valley.

A Few Possible Trigger Events
Ideas to move things along or get the Party into action.

Assassination Attempt
Guards and Captain, manipulated by supernatural force or actual grudge against PC's
Townsfolk, whose secrets were learned
Supernatural force riled by the PC's

Barmaid Murdered
Hair taken
Similarity to the unnamed child killed years ago (Little Girl's Ghost)
Clues to Eurys

Being followed
Midnight Cat
Minions of the Infernal Emissary

Demon Murders
Minion of the Infernal Emissary
Sent after enemies, those too close to the truth(s)

Grave Robbed
Desperate townsfolk, traveler, etc looking for loot or item

Gravedigger Murder
Eurys the Mouse's revenge for the blackmail
Covering tracks or clues to the murder

Harassed in the village
Offer to trade or service for a favor from PC's
Mother of the hanged ghost gypsy boy seeking revenge

Old Svalovich
Seen creeping about
Looking in at night on the PC's
Interacting with PC's
Hidden coffin

Scarecrow Bodies
Travelling monks killed and hidden  in fields outside of town
Found by farmer
Who killed? Sacrificed?

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