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Hyboria: A few NPC's

Amzi Sayid, 23
Turanian Warrior-3/Raider-1
Str- 13, Con-13, Int-13
Hp: 28
Ac: 4/15 (mail)
Attack: F4
Save: F4
Special Abilities:
Warrior: +1 to melee attacks, +1 AC, weapon expertise (sword 1d10), follow through (one extra attack)
Raider: no penalty to hit while mount moving faster than walk, +2 bonus to hit and AC while mounted and in melee vs infantry, +1 to surprise foe, riding- Dex+1, survival- 40%
Languages: Hyrkanian, Shemitish, Zamoran, Stygian
Equipment: scimitar(1d10+1), dagger (1d4+1), spear (1d6+1), Shemite bow (1d8, 100'), 20 arrows, mail, spired helm, horse, saddle and tack

A former Turanian soldier turned renegade. He was caught by a superior officer stealing arms and armor to sell to the desert tribes. He killed the officer and fled to his Zaugir allies. He maintains relations with the tribes and Turanian thieves and smugglers. He is very cautious as there is bounty on his head.

Tomasi, 21
Zamoran Thief-5
Dex-17, Int-13
Hp: 20
Ac: 5/14 (leather)
Attack: Th5
Save: Th5
Special Abilities:
Thief: pick locks- 55%, find/remove traps- 53%, pick pockets- 60%, move silently- 60%, climb walls- 91%, hide in shadows- 60%, hear noise- 1-3 on 1d6, backstab (+4 hit, x3 dmg)
Languages: Zamoran, Kothic, Shemitish, Ophirian
Equipment: shortsword (1d6) four daggers (1d4), leather vest, rope, thieve's tools

Tomasi was born and raised in Arenjun. He was an important member of a Zamoran kidnapping gang until he double-crossed and killed two of his friends over a disputed sack of gems. He fled the city before the rest of the gang could take revenge on him and has made his way to Shadizar where he is looking for new opportunities to make a fortune in gold.

Yubana, 21
Black Coast Scout- 4
Str-15, Dex-13, Wis-13
Hp: 23
Ac: 5/14 (leather), 4/15 with shield
Attack: F4
Save: F4
Move: 150'/50'
Special Abilities:
Scout:  +1 to AC, +1 to surprise, -1 to be surprised, backstab (+4 hit, x2), climb ( 90%), move silently and hide in shadows outdoors ( 70%), runner ( move 135'/45'), survival (70%)
Languages: Bamula, Kushite, Hyrkanian
Equipment: spear (1d6+1), dagger (1d4+1), hunting bow (1d6, 50'), 20 arrows, hide armor, shield

A Bamula tribesman of the Black Coast. Yubana traveled north to Kush where he sailed with the Black Corsairs for months, eventually escaping to the Shemitish coast. He has traveled inland working as a hunter and sometime scout for caravans and local militia. He will readily join up with a group seeking treasure.

Lucianus, 25
Ophirian Thief-2
Dex-15, Int-13, Chs-13
Hp: 9
Ac: 8/11
Attack: Th2
Save: Th2
Special Abilities:
Thief: pick locks- 43%, find/remove traps- 37%, pick pockets- 47%, move silently- 47%, climb walls- 88%, hide in shadows- 37%, hear noise- 1-3 on 1d6, backstab (+4 hit, x2 dmg)
Languages: Ophirian, Kothic, Shemitish
Equipment: long knife (1d6), dagger (1d4), thieve's tools, merchant clothing

Lucianus is a fake merchant based out of the small city state of Pergona in Ophir. He often travels to the larger towns and city-states of Koth with a partners in disguise as merchants to swindle gullible locals and drunks out of their coins and gems. He is considering an expedition into Zamora to try and break into the bigger opportunities he believes is found there.

Ulfvar Kinslayer, 32
Vanir Brute-8
Str-16, Con-16, Chs-8
Hp: 70
Ac: 4/15 (mail and breastplate), 3/16 with shield
Attack: F8
Save: F8
Special Abilities:
Brute: +2 to all melee damage and Strength rolls, +4 save disease and poison, intimidation (8HD of creatures), crusher (-2 hit, x2 damage, 8 times per day), Destroyer attacks ( two melee at -2 each.)
Languages: : Nordheimer, Aquilonian, Shemitish, Hyrkanian
Equipment: two-handed maul (1d8+4), sword (1d8+4), daggers (1d4+4), mail, helm, sheild

Reaver, slayer, mercenary. Ulfvar is an outcast from his home in Vanaheim after killing his brothers in a violent rage. He has traveled into the southeast to ply his trade as a hired killer and adventurer. He is brutal and easily roused by his bloodlust, especially when drinking. His strategies tend to be simple and violent. He takes great pride in his work; when paid to fight or kill he will not stop until the job is done or he is dead.

Yerdalak, 21
Hyrkanian Archer-2/Raider-1
Str-15, Dex-13, Wis-13
Hp: 17
Ac: 6/13 (leather), 5/14 with shield
Attack: F3
Save: F3
Special Abilities:
Archer: +1 to hit with bows, range increment increased by 50%, no penalty for firing from unstable platform.
Raider: no penalty to hit while mount moving faster than walk, +2 bonus to hit and AC while mounted and in melee vs infantry, +1 to surprise foe, riding- Dex+1, survival- 40%
Languages: Hyrkanian, Shemitish
Equipment: Hyrkanian bow (1d8, 150'), 40 arrows, scimitar (1d8+1), dagger (1d4+1), leather armor, spired iron cap, horse, saddle and tack, lasso

Yerdalak has come to the west seeking his fortunes. He is a proud horseman and archer and seeks work as a mercenary. He is honorable and hates betrayers above all else. If joined with a party he is an honest, hard worker, with a critical eye towards a fair split of the work and the treasures found.

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