Thursday, February 16, 2017

Haunted Valley: The Infernal Emissary

One of the  most prominent citizens of the Valley of Wolves Reynauld Aubrie is secretly an Infernal Emissary and the Devil's primary agent in collecting the uncorrupted souls still left in the valley. 

Reynauld Aubrie, 43
HD: 8
HP:  41
AC: 7/12,
Damage: 1d8, sword. 1d8 wheellock pistol.  
Save: 8/Cl 1
Move: 120/40
Alignment: Lawful
As an Infernal Emissary, Aubrie has many powers at his dark command.
He is protected from most harm and is only hit with weapons of silver or magic. His marked hand, when used to strike a foe, paralyzes his enemy as a ghoul's attack would (Saving throw allowed). He can also animate the dead three times per day with the hand's power. His eyes are hypnotic allowing him to cast Charm person through them three times daily.

He has the ability to partially control the wolf pack and batswarm. He can attempt to do is once per night. If he makes a successful Saving throw they will follow his command. Each new command requires a new Saving throw and failure means he cannot try until the next night.

In addition to these abilities he also has the power of an eighth level witch.
He knows the following spells (he can cast two of each level per day):
Level One: Detect magic, Read magic, Sleep.
Level Two: Detect evil, ESP, Hold person, Locate object.
Level Three: Dispel magic, Fly, Speak with dead.
Level Four: Confusion, Dimension door, Protection from evil 10'.
Level Five: Commune, Finger of death, Teleport.

He can also brew poison (2d6), and create potions, salves, and charms as a witch.

Along with his mundane weapons and wealth he has access to a number of items. Among them is a human hand of glory made from Jaques Savoy, a head of revelations, a brand of subjugation, and 6 zombie coins. He has a various number of potions, salves, and charms at the ready.

Aubrie's purpose in the valley is to corrupt the souls of those not already damned and deliver them unto his master Satan. He is slowly growing in power and influence; he is a careful manipulator and will stay in the shadows as long as possible. He is gathering minions and knowledge to use to his advantage. He will use every trick he can to corrupt those around him: blackmail, promises of power, diabolic magic, murder, mind games, and anything else that will turn them to bargain their souls away. He plans to eventually control the entire valley, turning the inhabitants into a cult, and spreading his influence outward.

Aubrie is carefully building a network of minions to serve him. He has recruited Etaine the candlemaker and Pippin the gravedigger to assist him. They do not know who he is as he remains hooded and masked but they have felt his power and are willing to serve him. Soon he will demand that they sign their souls to his master in exchange for favors.

He is also considering trying to recruit Rolf the blacksmith and the Guard Captain Julian. He does not believe either will sell their souls and willingly serve but the power of the brand of subjugation will bring them in line. Aubrie can also use the brand on a Player Character to spy on the PC's Party when they begin to complicate things.

Often going cloaked at night to observe and plot his diabolic plans, he has learned many secrets since returning to the valley and is considering ways to use them to his own purposes.

  • He has knowledge of the witch's coven and knows that the blacksmith Rolf Muller was a secret member. He will try to use this knowledge to persuade then blackmail Rolf. 
  • He has seen the Midnight Cat and knows it was the witch Yolanda's familiar. He is aware that the cat is plotting something but the creature is sly and keeps clear of Aubrie.
  • He has seen the Little Girl's Ghost but she fled from him, sensing his evil. 
  • He has observed the Black Rider and his hounds taking a soul on the East Trade Road.
  • He is aware of Old Svalovich and the Ogre but considers them minor nuisances for now. 
  • He feels a vast dark power in the East Woods (the hidden Tower) but cannot locate it. He has been warned off of investigating this mystery when communing with his master. Unknown to him his master will use him to protect the cursed tower from those who would discover it and lift the curse. This will ultimately bring him into direct conflict with the players.

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