Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Few Necromantic Items (OSR)

Quick and easy.

Necromantic Items

Head of Revelations
A severed mummified head turned into a fleshy Jack O'Lantern.  The eyes and mouth light an area 30' in front. Any invisible creature or item is visible while within this ray of light.

Hands of Glory
Open Locks. All locks, magical and non-magical, open automatically within 30' of the lit hand.

Deep One: 
Fear. Creatures other than the possessor of the hand must make a Saving Throw or flee from the hand. There is a 60% chance they will drop whatever items they are carrying as they flee.

Paralysis. Save or all creatures except the possessor of the hand are paralyzed as long as they are within the 30' radius of the hand.

Dispel magic. All magical effects within the 30' radius has a 75% chance to be dispelled as per the spell.

Protection from Evil. Evil creatures must make a Saving Throw to attack within the hand's 30' radius.

Dead Man's Hand
A mummified corpse hand. Those who wish to receive the benefits of this item must remove their own hand (1d6). When the Dead Man's Hand is pressed to the bloody stump it grafts itself onto the arm and becomes useable as a replacement hand. If the hand is viewed by others it causes a -2 Charisma for the character. 

The hand acts as a +1 weapon doing normal unarmed damage. 
If a dispel magic is successfuly cast on the hand it will drop off but can be reattached when the spell's duration ends. 

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