Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Still alive.

Haven't  posted in a while. I spent June and July in and out of the hospital and nearly dead from an infection. This is not an exaggeration my doctor told me straight up about a month ago that he really thought I was going to die in hospital. I was flat on my back for 6 weeks and had to wear a diaper because I couldn't even walk much less sit up or do any of the normal daily activities such as getting my own food. Unless you've been this bad you do not know the joy of taking yourself to the restroom or being able to sit up and eat.

I'm still recovering, still a bit weak but I'm feeling a lot better and seeking employment again even if it's just part time.

As for this blog I did do quite a bit of writing when I was feeling better now I just need to put it in the computer and post some of the things. I did my usual OSR class building/rearranging for genres as well as a few monsters and several Adventure outlines. I'll try to get them posted in the next few weeks before Halloween. I especially enjoyed doing revisions on my pirates game and my Crusades game as well as home brewing mass ship combat rules for ages of sales and cannons. I also got to fool around with my Victorian and survival horror games as well . More to come soon hope you enjoy when I do.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

White Star: Star Wars Races, not Race Class

I decided to throw a few Star Wars races together for a game.
I love Race-Classes but they aren't in the Spirit of Star Wars to me.
These are rough, but they should work.

Oh, and as for the question of 'why should I play a human if these other races are bettter....'
'Better' is subjective. The aliens have ability score adjustments which can make an ability check more difficult and can lose an ability score bonuses. An 'in-universe' reason is the inherit racism towards aliens in Star Wars. Many are actively enslaved by the Empire. All are treated with various degrees of disdain by humanity. If you need a mechanical reason for playing human, give them a +10% exp bonus.

-1 Dex, +1 AC
Weak Long Distance Vision: -1 ranged attacks
Talons: 1d4 dmg, +2 climbing checks
Salt Addiction: if salt is consumed the Arcona must make a Saving Throw at a -6  penalty or become addicted. An addict must consume 25 grams of salt daily or suffer a -2 to all rolls.

+2 Dex, -2 Con
Sharp Eyed: -1 to surprise rolls.
Detect: they have a 4-in-6 chance to find secret doors or hidden objects when searching, unlike th other races, which have a 2-in-6 chance. Bothans also have a 1-in-6 chance to notice a secret door even when they are not searching.

+2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Dex
Intuitive: +1 iniative bonus.

+2 Dex. -2 Int, -2 Wis

+2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con
Natural Starfarer: +1 to Piloting and Navigation checks.

+2 Dex, -2 Str, +2 AC vs larger than Wookie sized creatures
Add +1 to surprise attempts, +2 in forest settings.
Language Restriction

+2 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis, +2 AC
Primitive: -1 ranged weapon attacks
Language Restriction

Energy Detection: +1 to search checks
Mood Detection: with a Wisdom check the Gotal can read the mood of all creatures within a 30' radius.
Tracking: +2 when tracking living beings or droid whose energy signature they have encountered before.
+2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Chs
Low light vision (60')
Amphibious: can hold breath for 30 minutes per point of Constitution and are fast swimmers
Listen: can hear noise on a 1-3 on a 1d6

+2 Wis, +2 Chs, -2 Dex
+2 to Saves vs Meditation/Force abilities and Saves involving Willpower
+2 on Survival and nature related checks

+2 Dex, -4 Str, -2 Chs, +2 AC vs larger than Wookie-sized creatures
Dark vison (90')
+2 bonus with technology repairs, etc
Language Restriction

Kel Dor
+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
Atmosphere Restriction: Helium, requires breather
+2 Save vs Meditation/Force abiities
Low Light Vision (60')

Mon Cal
+2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Con
Amphibious: can breathe and and are fast swimmers
Low Light Vision (60')
-1 to Saves vs Willpower in dry/arid enviornments

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
Amphibious: can breathe and and are fast swimmers
Low Light Vision (60')
-1 to Saves vs Willpower in dry/arid enviornments

+2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 Chs
+1 Surprise Rolls
Low Light Vision (60')

+2 Dex, -2 Con
Dark Vision (90')
+2 Climb
Regeneration: 1 hp/turn

+2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
+1 Surprise
-2 fighting blind (instead of -4 penalty)
+2 Sneak

+2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, +1 AC
Dark Vision (90')
Regenerate: 1hp/turn

+2 Chs, -2 Wis
Low Light Vision (60')
+2 Save vs Poison
Lekku (Head tail language)

+4 Str, -2 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 AC
+2 to Intimidate
+2 to Climb
Fast Healing: 2 hp/day and fully healed in two weeks
Language Restriction

Thursday, May 21, 2015

White Star: Starship Options and Star Wars Ship Sampler

Piloting Maneuvers/Skill
When a character needs to make a fancy maneuver with their ship (such as flying between crushing asteroids) the character can roll under their Dex score (with modifiers from the Referee) to perform the maneuver.

Options: Pilots get a +3 bonus (plus Dex modifier if any) to the Piloting roll.

If using the Save as Skill system the modifiers above all apply.

Combat Options
Allow Pilots to add their Dex bonus (if any) to their ship/vehicle's AC.

Pilots receive an extra +1 to their ship/vehicles AC at level 3, 6, and 9. (This makes Pilot's really shine above other classes in starship/vehicle combat. It also rewards Pilots gaining levels in Pilot over multi-classing.)

Modifications Options
Star Wars ships, at least the primary heroes and villian's, are heavily modified. The Millenium Falcon and Slave-1 being prime examples. More so than what basic White Star allows. With this option any ship can be modified with any modification. Normal limits (such as Advanced Shielding limited to three) apply.
Costs remain the same.

Most classes of starships are similar in stats until they are modified. For simplicity a stock YT-1300 and another light freighter are mechanically the same until modifications are added in.

White Star does a good job of emulating the ships of Star Wars. Most categories of ships make excellent base templates. However..
I want varied stats for starfighters, not just the basic stats for stunt fighter in White Star.
I also believe a Star Destroyer is more of a beast than the Dreadnaught entry.

Here's my versions.

Stunt Fighters (Starfighters)
Movement 15
ATTACK 4d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked], 8d6 ( 3 Proton Torpedoes) [pilot-linked]

Movement 13
ATTACK 3d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked], 2d6 (Light Ion Cannons) [pilot-linked], 8d6 (Proton Torpedoes) [pilot-linked]

Movement 20
ATTACK 4d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked]

Movement 10
ATTACK 4d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked], 2d6 (Light Ion Cannons), 3d6 (Proton Torpedoes) [pilot-linked]

Z-95 Headhunter
Movement 12
ATTACK 3d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked]

TIE Fighter
Movement 10
ATTACK 4d6 (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked]

Star Destroyer
Movement 9
ATTACK Heavy Laser x20 (6d6), Ion Charge x8 (2d6), Proton
Missile x4 (12d6)
Advanced Shielding (3), Automated Weapons (16), Faster-Than-Light Drive, Ion Charge (8), Proton Missiles (4), Tractor Beam (2), Shield Capacitor

Blockade Runner 
Corellian Corvette


Heavy Transport
Heavy Freighter (Bulk Freighter)

Light Transport 
YT-1300 (Light Freighter)
YT series and other models of light freighters

Space Yacht

Star Cruiser
Mon Cal Star Cruiser

Nebulon-B Frigate

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

White Star: A few Star Wars orientated classes. (OSR)

Here are three classes for White Star to give a bit more variety in a Star Wars style game.

Saving Throw as Skill System
Used in other games (such as the fantastic Crypts & Things) this simple rule adds an easy and elegant skill system. The character makes a Saving Throw roll + special ability bonus + bonus or penalty as the Referee sees fit. A total equal to or higher to the Saving Throw is a success.

For example a fifth level Mercenary is attempting to climb a cliff. The Referee rules he will get to use his Str bonus (if he has one; he does.)
His Saving Throw is 10, his Str bonus is +1, and the Referee rules this is a difficult task and puts forth a -4 penalty.

The Mercenary rolls a 13. 13 +1 (Str bonus) -4 (Referee penalty) = 10. A success!  Barely.

I allow multi-classing. It gets more abilities into a character's arsenal and it fits IMHO with the character's in the films. In my games Han Solo is a Pilot/Scoundrel. Chewie is an Alien Brute/Pilot.

Use your favorite method for this. There are many out there to choose from.

For my own games I am use the following:
Only one extra class may be chosen. If you are an alien, you start as an alien then you can multi-class into a regular class.

Gaining a Level: When you wish to gain your second Class you must earn enough exp to gain a new level in your current class. When this occurs the exp are spent (you are still at the current level of your first class at base exp for that level) and have gained your new Class at first level with 0 exp in this new class. You may level each class up normally from this point. From this point on you must choose which class to put your exp earnings into. The Referee may choose for you if you are obviously using one class over the other.

Hp's and Base to Hit are simply added together from level to level.
Saving Throws: The best of both is used.
Restrictions: Weapon and armor restrictions apply. If you take a class that restricts them you must follow these rules or you cannot use the class abilities that restrict them.

Bounty Hunter
HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Mercenary

  • +1 to surprise enemy (1-3 on a 1d6).
  • Detect Lie: +3 to Save, Wisdom bonus applies. When interrogating a contact, target, etc, the Bounty Hunter may make a roll to determine how good the info was.
  • Track: +3 to Save, Wisdom bonus applies. Not only physical tracking but following a trail of contacts, sightings, etc. A general ability to find the quarry.

HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Aristocrat

  • +2 Save vs Death and Poison
  • Medical Care: patient gains 2 hp/day instead of 1. Fully healed in two weeks. 
  • Bind Wounds: restores 1d6 instead of the normal 1d4.
  • Second Wind: when a character is at 0 or fewer hp's the medic can temporarily restore 1d6 hp's; they go away after one hour'

HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Pilot

  • Gambler: +1 bonus to Gambling checks. Gains a +2 at 5th level.
  • Pilfer: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Palming items, picking pockets, other trickery. If failed the Referee will determine if you were caught. When gambling success adds a +1 bonus to the Gambling check.
  • Security: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Bypassing electronic and mechanical locks, traps, etc.
  • Sneak: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Moving silently, hiding in shadow, you know: sneaking. Allows the character to get the drop on an enemy and get the x2 backstab bonus. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Demon Corpse (OSR Monster)

Demon Corpse 
AC: 14
HD: 5 (HP: 30)
ATTACKS: Bite or Claw(1d6) or Special (see below)
SAVE: 11
SPECIAL: Circle of Flame, Immunities, Teleport, Vomit Flame
MOVE: 120(40) Levitation

Not every demon has a physical form. Demon Corpse's are created when such a demon escapes from hell and flows into a corpse, bonding to and reanimating the cadaver as its physical vessel.

They appear as a naked pale withered corpse with long greasy hair, black broken teeth, and black cracked talons. It floats along trailing black vaporous smoke and smells of decay, ash, and brimstone.

The Demon Corpse's primary attack is with its teeth and claws. It will surge forth trying to maul its victim to death.

The Demon Corpse can, once per encounter, creat a 30' circle of hellfire centered on itself. Those who are caught in the circle must make a Saving Throw or suffer a -2 to attacks due to a magical fear effect. The flames can be lept through to escape resulting in 2d6 fire damage.

The Demon Corpse is immune to fire and normal attacks. It is only hit with blessed weapons, magic, holy items and holy water, taking normal damaged from the blessed or magic weapons and  1d8 at the touch of holy items or water.

Three times per day the Demon Corpse can teleport 300'.

Three times per day the Demon Corpse can vomit forth hellfire in a ten  foot line doing 3d6 damage. The victim can make a Saving Throw for 1/2 damage.

The Demon Corpse can be turned as a Vampire.

When a Demon Corpse's physcal form is destroyed it is banished back to hell or whatever lower dimension it originates from.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Mini Adventures: Hand of Doom and The Hyena

These were on the old blog, lost to time.
Click on the adventure title for a pdf link on dropbox.

Hand of Doom (Colonial)
Colonial rules here. Click the Colonial tag for much more.

The Hyena (Victorian)
Victorian classes here. Click the Victorian tag for much more.