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The Doom That Came to Mega-City One (OSR Dredd/Cthulhu Mashup)

Got a lot in the pipe to work on. One of these projects has been an OSR S&W/Labyrinth Lord setting based on the recent Dredd movie with a few bits of Dredd comics thrown in here and there. I like the feeling of the Dredd movie: lower tech (especially vehicles) and a bit gritty.

So why not add some Cthulhu for a few sessions. My player's are Mythos fiends, as am I. 
Besides I really, really want to see bike cannons vs Dark Young.

So here's the basics so far:

Playable Classes: 

Street Judge
HD: 1d6+2, +2 after 9th
Save: Fighter
Base Hit; +1 to hit per level
Exp: As Fighter (honestly I don't use exp anymore, survive a few adventures and level up)

+1 AC
Extra Attack: 5th level and 12th level
Steely Gaze
The Judge can intimidate a number of creatures with HD equal to his level. The creatures must be in the Judge's immediate presence to be affected. The crea­tures are allowed a Saving Throw to avoid this effect. Those that fail suffer a –2 to all attacks on the Judge. Most will back down; only the most determined will fight. This ability can be used 1 per day per Judge level.

Psi -Judge
HD: 1d6+, +1 after 9th
Save: Fighter
Base Hit; +1 to hit per Two levels
Exp: As Fighter

(I'm using my Mentalist write-up for their Class Abilities and Powers.) 
Strong Willed
+2 Saving Throws vs magic/mental.

Frightening Aura (1/day/3 levels)
Summoning his will the Psi-Judge can create a dark and disturbing aura to frighten those around him. This effect lasts for one round per level of the Psi-Judge.

Those within 30' of the Psi-Judge must make a Saving Throw (Paralyzation) or move away from him immediately. The Saving Throw is at a -1 penalty for every three levels (3,6,9, etc) of the Psi-Judge.

They cannot return to his presence for at least one minute per level of the Psi-Judge. If they return before the duration is over they must make another Saving Throw to approach.

Psi-Judge Powers (Identical to spells)
Level One: Pick three powers. Usable 1/day.
At Level Two, Four, Six etc pick a new Power or increase a current one by one use per day (up to a maximum of 3/day.)

There are five Power Levels. Each are available at certain Character Levels.

Character Level: Available Power Level
1-5: PL I
6-10: PLII
11-15: PL III
16-20: PL IV

Power Level I
Charm Person
Hold Portal
Protection from Evil
Silence 15'

Power Level II
Charm Monster
Hold Person

Power Level III
Feeblemind (Affects all classes. Duration is 1 hour + 10 minutes per Mentalist Level.)
Hallucinatory Terrain
Power Word, Stun
Protection from Evil 10'
Wall of Fire

Power Lever IV
Animate dead
Power Word, Blind
Power Word, Kill
Project Image
Time Stop

Basic Judge Equipment:

Judge Helmet: 
+6 AC (75% cover to head), radio, link to Central network and bikes

Judge Armor: 
+4 AC (full body), reinforced knuckles and boots (1d3 unarmed dmg)

Mark II Lawgiver
Follows whatever firearms rules you are using. Here are mine.

The Lawgiver fires standard execution rounds and five specialty rounds.
The magazine holds 30 standard execution and three each of the specialty rounds,

Standard Execution Round: 
2d6 dmg, 200' increment (Semi-Automatic and Full Automatic)

Armor Piercing: 
2d6 dmg, ignore Armor and ignore 4 points cover, 150' increment

Heat Seeking (Hot shot): 
2d6 dmg, +8 to hit roll past 60' (armed) and ignore Cover, 100' increment 

High Explosive (Hi-Ex): 
4d6, 10' blast zone, heavy weapon, 100'

1d6+3 dmg (burns for 1d3+3 rounds), Area Attack (hit AC 5), bursts 30' past barrel and coats an area 30' in diameter, Save (Breath Weapon) for 1/2 damage, 50' increment

2d6 dmg, ignore 4 points cover, 100' increment

The Lawgiver is equipped with a Fast Focus scope reducing the range penalty from -2 to -1 per increment past the first increment.

The handle of the Lawgiver is encoded with the DNA of the Judge the firearm is issued to. Anyone else attempting to use it sets off a self destruct charge doing 2d6+6 damage the non-Judge trying to fire it. This will blow most humanoid's hand off.

The Lawgiver can also draw on its power source to emit a stun pulse. The discharge has a range of 10' and causes those hit to make a Saving Throw (Paralyzation) with a -10 penalty or be stunned for 1d6+6 minutes.

Daystick (1d3)

The Judge's are equipped with a utility belt with a variety of useful equipment.

Breach Mine:
Blasts open standard doors, vehicle doors, etc. It will open reinforced doors on a 1-4 on a 1d6 and heavy reinforced doors on a 1-2 on a 1d6. DM's discretion if a door is too reinforced to blow open.

2 Flash Bang Grenades: 
Area Attack (hit AC 5), 30' diameter, everyone caught in the flash must make a Saving Throw (Paralysis) or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Those who make the Save still suffer a -4 to actions for 1d6 rounds.

Gas Grenade and Gas Mask:
Area Attack (hit AC 5), bursts 30' diameter cloud. Those caught in the cloud must make a Saving Throw (Breath Weapon) with a -6 penalty or be stunned for 1d6+6 rounds.
10' range increment. 

First Aid Kit:
Three uses. Heals 1d6 Hp per use

Folding Knife:
1d4 dmg

Flashlight with  100' beam.
Plastic-cuff Zip Ties
Four Reloads for the Lawgiver

More soon including:
Civilian Classes using my Pulp Classes and variations,
Lawmaster Cycle and other vehicles.

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