Thursday, November 24, 2016

Current Projects Update. Creature Features: LOVECRAFT

One of a few current projects:

Creature Features: LOVECRAFT
Exploring and playing the roles of the bad guys (or in this case critters) in all of their entertaining and cathartic glory.
In this case: Ghouls, Deep Ones, Serpentmen, Cats, and perhaps a few other Lovecraftian race classes I have set up here at the blog. More coming soon.

The Setup:
The PC's are Mythos creatures, champions of the lesser servant races, whom are summoned by their elders to oppose a Cult which is about to complete a ritual to raise their god, an obscure and little known Old One, and end the world in blood and fire.

As horrid as their existence is, it is still existence, and the servant races do not desire the end of the world...yet. They are sure as Hell not about to let some obscure little human cult raise their relatively unknown God to end the world and leave the servant races' Gods out of the picture. If anything is going to end the world they plan on it being Cthulhu, Hastur, and a few other choice beings of worship.

The human cult, so obscure they don't even have an official cult name, is composed of a number of degenerate hillbilly inbred cannibals led by a more socially polished but no less dangerous priesthood. Finding the grimoire of a mad ancestor of one the cult's leaders they have discovered in his mad ravings a possible way to raise their personal Alien God from its prison in the earth. If they achieve this it will mean the end of the earth as the entity will spread fire and death in its wake. All life will be destroyed as the planet is ravaged to ash and slime and the world is then broken apart to drift into space. Or some wacko thing like that. The mad ravings weren't too clear on that part.

Fortunately for humanity, although they do not realize it, help is on the way. The cult's priests have consulted with a wise old Ghoul about retrieving the necessary objects to raise the obsure God. Alarmed, the Ghoul had no choice but to give them the information and then made haste to the fetid warrens of his kin and told them of the plans of the cult. Believing that the cult might actually pull it off the Ghouls quickly sent emissaries to other servant races and a meeting was set, with the elders and champions of each race attending. It was quickly decided that the cult must be stopped and stopped quickly before they actually pulled off their crazy scheme and destroyed the world, messing up the servant races Gods plans for their own Armageddons.

Given the location of the cult's ranch and the locations of the necessary ritual objects from the wise old Ghoul, the PC's are tasked with stopping the ritual and ultimately destroying the cultists.


  1. I'm going to try and get this one done soon. It should be fun.