Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spaghetti Westerns: Unusual Weapons (OSR)

In the Spaghetti Westerns the hero or villain often has an unusual or signature weapon at his disposal. The Sartana and Sabata films were especially noted for this. Don't worry if it's a couple of decades ahead of 'current' western tech, just roll with it and have fun. Here's a few examples for bad guys or even players to spice things up.

Mauser C96
Cost: $50
Seen only at the end of the century, the Mauser semi-auto pistol holds a crazy amount of bullets for the time and includes a detachable wooden stock which can serve as a holster.

7.63x25mm Mauser
Dmg:1d8/2d6+1, Range:30', Ammo: 10-20
Note: attachable stock increases Range to 50'.

9x19mm Parabellum
Dmg:1d6/2d6, Range:25', Ammo: 10-20
Note: attachable stock increases Range to 50'.

LeMat Revolver
Cost (.36): $35
Cost (.42 and .44): $40
The LeMat is a single-action 9 shot cap and ball revolver with the notable feature of having a secondary barrel beneath the primary barrel which fired a single 16 gauge buckshot shell. The LeMat saw service with the Confederate States in the Civil War. Production of the pistol ended after the war. It was produced early on in .36, .42, and .44 caliber, the later being very late in the war. Each version came with the under slung shotgun barrel.
.36, Dmg: 1d6/2d6, Range: 25’, Ammo: 9
.42, Dmg: 1d8/2d6+1, Range: 30’, Ammo: 9
.44, Dmg: 1d10/2d6+2, Range: 30’, Ammo: 9
16 ga Shot shell,
Traditional Dmg:  2d6/1d6/1d6/1d4/1d4, Range: 10’, Ammo: 1, +2 hit first range increment with buckshot
Spaghetti  Dmg:  3d6/2d6/2d6/1d6/1d6, Range: 10’, Ammo: 1, +2 hit first range increment with buckshot

“Mare’s Leg” Carbine 
Cost: $40
A Mare’s Leg is the nickname for a repeating carbine, usually chambered in .44-40, with its barrel cut down to nine to 12 inches and the butt-stock cut down to make the carbine more pistol-like and usable with one hand. The cocking lever is often an enlarged loop. The length of the Mare’s leg imposes a –1 to Fast Draw. However, Mare’s Leg is most often worn in a custom holster, composed of straps and a large metal clip for the guns body, which functions as a Fast Draw holster (+1 Fast Draw), to offset the penalty for weapon length.
Dmg: 1d10/2d6+2, Range: 30’, Ammo: 6

Sabata’s Derringer 
Cost: $60
The custom derringer has four barrels in a circular formation, chambered in a .45 caliber, and a very large handle. This is because three smaller barrels are hidden in the handle. The end flips down and the three barrels are exposed, set in a vertical line. These barrels fire a smaller navy round. This tactic is often used to gain surprise when opponents think the shooter has fired all four of his shots.
Four barrels, Dmg: 1d8/2d6+1, Range: 20’, Ammo: 4
Three hidden barrels, Dmg: 1d6/2d6-1, Range: 5’, Ammo: 3

4-barrel shotgun 
Cost: $100
Two barrels stacked on top of two more barrels, this rare and expensive shotgun is a fearsome weapon, doubling the firepower of a shotgun. Two barrels can be fired then the other two can be rotated to be fired for the next round with no penalty.

Explosive Cigars
Cost: $2 per stick
A nasty little trick, these are essentially small sticks of dynamite hidden inside of a large cigar. The tip is lit and the short fuse is as well. Good for throwing or getting to an enemy to blow his own face off.
Dmg: 1d6, 5' Blast Zone (Save for ½ dmg), +1d6 dmg /1’ radius per cigar.
Damage is not open-ended.. Throwing Increment: 10’.

Sartana’s 5-shot Derringer 
Cost: $40
The weapon most identified with the mysterious gunfighter Sartana is his four-barreled derringer. But it has a secret, it is actually a small 5-shot revolver with the cylinder hidden inside the gun. Three of the four barrels are fakes. Anyone who thinks the shooter has fired all four of his shots is in for a big surprise when the fifth shot is fired.
Dmg: 1d6/2d6-1, Range: 20’, Ammo: 5

Sartana’s Weighted Watch 
Cost: $20
A dull gray and very large pocket watch on a long chain. It is actually made of lead and is useable as a flail and can wrap around objects with the chain, allowing the user to grapple the object or pull it towards the watch-wielder.
Dmg: 1d4, Range: 10’

Sartana’s Razor Throwing Cards
Cost: $20
Razor sharp, card sized and shaped bits of metal which can be thrown as a weapon. They are painted to look like playing cards and will only be seen for what they are by a close inspection. They come in packs of five.
Dmg: 1d3, Range: 10’

Sartana’s Pipe-organ of Death
Cost: $10,000. Total guess. The DM will probably set it higher, or at least make the PC's go on an epic adventure to find the device.

Ammo Cost: $500 for a full load of mini-cannon shells. $50 for a full load of machine gun rounds. It is unclear who made this fantastic machine, much ahead of its time in firepower. Sartana has shown an aptitude for building strange, complex, mechanical devices, so it is not inconceivable that with enough time and money, he could have designed this beautiful death machine.

One of the craziest and most entertaining weapons in the history of Spaghetti Westerns is the pipe-organ owned by Sartana in the film Light the fuse, Sartana is coming!

Beneath the outer wood panels are steel plates giving Sartana cover (-6) while he manipulates the buttons, keys, and pedals of the death machine.

The outermost tall pipes, far left and far right, swivel forward to reveal they are actually multiple shot mini-cannons. Each cannon holds five rounds, which are automatically fed into the firing mechanism after the previous shot. The cannons can each be fired twice per round. The cannons can also be dropped sideways, at a 90 degree angle, to blast those who would come up on the side of the organ player.
Two cannons 3d6/5d6, 15’ Blast Zone, 2 shots each per round, Save for half damage.

The four center pipes drop down to reveal they are machinegun barrels, linked and firing on the same front firing arc. The guns are not precision weapons, and anything and anyone, friend or foe, in the firing arc must make a Save for half damage. Each gun holds enough ammo for 6 rounds of continuous fire.
Four machine-guns, cone-shaped area effect (5’ at beginning, 30’ wide, 100’ long), Dmg: 3d6/6d6, Save for half damage.


  1. I think the Pipe Organ of Death needs to make an appearance in my Deadlands game.

  2. I think I got you covered for the conversion