Sunday, October 2, 2016

Classic/OSR: The Frankenstein Monster (universal films) for Halloween

Halloween is on the way and part of the fun for myself is the deluge of old horror films. Especially the Universal films of the thirties and forties.

"Yes, I know. Made me from dead. I love dead... hate living." - The Monster
Bride of Frankenstein (1939)

The Frankenstein Monster (Universal Films)
The Creature appears to want only peace and to be left alone to its own devices. When provoked it can become a murderous and ruthless engine of destruction. The Creature is not stupid as many people assume it to be. It has a cunning mind and is adept at escaping and striking back at those who would hurt or destroy it. 
HD: 10
HP: 55
AC: 5/14
Save:  F10/8
Attack: +10 melee, +10 ranged
Damage: Unarmed (1d8) or Club/Improvised (1d10)

A reanimated collection of dead flesh and parts the Creature is an abomination of nature and due to its condition does not age.

The massive body of the Frankenstein Monster is frightfully strong being built by its creator to be physically powerful and to absorb punishing damage. Its unarmed attacks (usually a fist or stomp) do 1d8 dmg and any object it can pick up to swing or batter with does 1d10 dmg.

Due to its inherit toughness the Frankenstein Monster only takes 1/2 damage from cold (1/4 with a successful saving throw.)

Part of the resurrection of the Creature involved massive massive jolts of electricity. This peculiarity of animation has allowed it to regenerate damage when struck with electricity. It is immune to electrical damage and actually heals 1/4 of the damage rolled against it. If 'killed' and the body is not destroyed the Creature goes into a death state, undecaying, and can be revived with a massive jolt of electricity. To truly kill the Creature its body must be dismembered (and even then there is no guarantee it cannot be reassembled and reanimated) or completely consumed such as by fire or acid.

A deep primal fear of fire still lurks in the resurrected dead brain of Frankenstein Monster. When confronted with fire as a weapon or a massive wall of flame the Creature must make a Saving Throw (Paralysis) with a -4 penalty. Success allows it to act normally but with a -2 penalty to all actions. Failure causes it to go Berserk sending it into a mindless rage attacking those who wish to hurt it or get in its way.  While berserk the Creature receives a +2 bonus to hit/damage with melee weapons, a -2 penalty with ranged weapons, and a -2 penalty to AC. Once the attacker is dead or the Creature has managed to flee the wall of fire it can make another saving throw to calm down and not attack anyone in its way. The Creature makes this saving throw check each round til it comes out of the rage.

Because of its grotesque and unnatural appearance Frankenstein Monster is shunned by normal men and women who are horrified by it. It effectively has a Charisma of 0 when dealing with normal people, even allies. This may be overcome given time and by the Creature's actions.

Ragged Clothing. Boots.

Basil Gogos


  1. Any ambitions to come accross with Count Dracula, a la Lugosi?

    I mean, Bela Lugosi?

    1. Actually yes. I had written the beginnings of the Lugosi Dracula in October. I'll try to finish and post soon.

  2. Well it wasn't soon but I got it.