Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Magician Class (OSR)

I wanted a less flashy spell-flinging version of Magic Users for my Colonial and Victorian games. Thus, along with the Witch, the Magician was created for this role. He has many spells at his disposal but he is hampered by the need for rituals. 
Edit: The available spell slots I originally posted were cut and pasted from an early draft. The final version has been put in it's place. All fixed and updated.

The Magician
Hit Die Type: 1d6 per level, gains 1 HP per level after 9th,
Advance As: Cleric
Attack: Magic User
Save As: Magic User
Armor Permitted: Leather
Weapons Permitted: Any except two-handed melee.
Prime Attribute (5% experience bonus): Intelligence 13+

Similar to the standard D&D Magic User, the Magician can cast more spells

Class Abilities
The Magician casts spells as a Magic User with the following changes...

The Magician receives a extra spell slot per spell level at each level of Magician. For Example: A fourth level Magic User would have three 1st level spell slots and two 2nd level slots available. The  fourth level Magician has four 1st and three 2nd.
HOWEVER, the Magician can only cast spells via rituals.

The Magician may cast both Magic User and Cleric spells. If a spell is listed in both the Cleric and Magic User lists the Magician  uses the Magic User version.

The Magician have a chance to cast spells of a higher level than he has learned. The spell must be found via tome, scroll, teacher, or other source to obtain it. Study time is one week per spell level. At the end of this study time the Magician makes a roll of 10 + 1/2  level + Int bonus - the spells level, on a 1d20. If successful the spell is learned and can be cast as a ritual once daily. If failed the Magician must continue studying the spell for another week.
Only one spell at a time can be studied.

The Magician has the option of practicing Infernal Witchcraft.

Potions, Salves, and Charms:
Just as a WItch, a Magician may work any spell known into a potion, salve, or charm.
Potions must be drunk, salves applied to skin, and charms hidden on or in the house of the target of the spell.

Spells which compel the target to obey the caster, such as Charm, take effect as if the caster is the one who gave the item to the one who drank or used it.

Creation time is the same as for rituals and costs the daily spell slot of the spell used. The Magician is much more adapt at this form of magic and can make a number of items equal to twice his dlevel, and each has a shelf life equal to twice the Magician's level in days.

Bonus Languages:
The Magician must master many languages both modern and archaic in his studies.
He receives twice the number of beginning languages and can save the extra language slots for use after character creation. With a proper guide or teacher he can learn a new language well enough in four weeks time to speak, read, and use it for studying. This can help save a spell slot which might otherwise be used for Read Magic.

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