Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Few Miscellaneous Situational Rules (OSR)

These often come up in our games:

Binding Wounds
Characters can regain 1d4 hit points immediately after combat.

1d6 + Int modifier, highest roll wins. Some classes may have a class ability to add onto this.

Dexterity check for a +1 bonus to Gambling.
 Any character with the   Pick Pockets ability may substitute this roll instead of his Dexterity roll if he has a better chance.

The If the cheater fails his roll the victim has a 1-2 in 6 chance of detecting the manipulation, pick pocket attempt, etc. A Dex bonus will drop the chance to 1 in 6.

 If the cheater rolls a natural 20, he has been spotted by his victim or victims.

Dexterity check with modifiers as decided by the DM.

Falling off a moving horse or wagon does damage depending on the horse's movement. At a walk the damage is 1d3, at a trot the damage is 1d4, and for running the damage is 1d6.

Those attacking on a moving horse receive a -2 penalty to attacks unless stated otherwise in a class ability.

Normal ranged attack roll with a maximum range of 30’. Once roped, the target can immediately make a Saving Throw at –4 to slip out of the lariat. If the victim fails he, she, or it is hooked on the cowboy's line and can be dragged if the roper is on a mount, taking 1d4 damage per round until a Save at -4 is made to slip the rope. If the rope is not tied around a saddle horn or other secure positioin, a victim may make a Str check (-4 penalty) vs. the cowboy’s Str to pull the rope out of the cowboy’s hands.

A called shot at –4 can be made to rope a leg, weapon, etc. The victim must make a penalized Str roll, as above, vs. the cowboy’s strength to retain a weapon, not have a leg pulled out from under him, etc.

If the character is caught in a stampede, he can either take cover or get stomped.
Sturdy cover such as a large boulder, tree, or a good thick wall will protect the character.
If no cover is available the character can try to kill one of the stampeding animals and take cover behind its carcass. If this happens, the character automatically takes only half damage and can make a Saving Throw to take no dam­age at all.

If no cover is available the character takes 6d6 damage as he is stomped and gored by the panicked herd.

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