Friday, February 10, 2017

Haunted Valley: A few Mysteries and Town Rumors/Legends

A Few Mysteries
the Witch coven: still active? who is left
Dark secrets of the villagers
the Girl's Ghost: what is she trying to say? who killed her
Emissary: who is manipulating? why? who is he/she
Tower: is it real? where is it? how to find
the Curse: collecting clues. how to stop it
Who murdered the Gravedigger? why

Town Rumors and Legends
My mother's brother's wife's cousin said.....

Fears: Revenants, ghosts, demons, werewolves, goblins, elves, witches, wolves, Satan, etc....
1. The Devil rides the roads on certain nights with a pack of hell hounds chopping heads and stealing souls. (Trueish. Demon.)
2. Mother Toad knows secrets and can heal wounds, get rid of disease, and .... other things. (True)
3. The Mad Hermit Gaston lives in the Eastern Woods somewhere near town. He creeps around the village listening and watching. (True) He knows magic and dances with elves. (False)
4. Gypsies camp on the other side of the River. They sometimes trade with farmers and read fortunes. They will cheat at gambling. (True)
5. Bandits lurk near the Trade Roads. The Guard Captain does not pursue them with much vigor. (True)
6. Father Olwyn rarely leaves th church grounds and looks as if he's gone half mad. (True)
7. Chanting was heard in the hills near Devyll's Mound by travelers on the West Trade Road. It hasn't been heard since the witch Yolanda was burned in the town square a year past. (True)
8. The Wolves in the valley are unusually large and aggressive. (True) They are cursed and serve witches and devil's which visit the valley at night. (False)
9. Jaques Savoy was a werewolf (False) and was hung for his crimes. (True) His spirit leads the wolves on nights of the full moon. (False)
10. Woodsmen and hunters have heard a loud roar in the Old Woods. (True) It is a devil haunting the valley. (False)
11. A Ghost of a small girl haunts the cemetery on some nights. (True)
12. Old Svalich, dead for months since the raid on Devyll's Mound, was seen creeping in the village a fortnight ago in the dead of night. (True)
13. Ruins in the marsh contain an unlooted tomb. (False) Over th years several children have disappeared into the Marsh and drowned seeking it. (True)

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