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Our Current OSR Star Wars..... a short playlog.

Put a few pics of the final fight at end of post.

The PC's:
A Wookie Bounty Hunter, level 6

A Sullustan Thug, Level 6

A Skakoan Tech, Level 6

Three years before the Battle of Yavin...............

The PC's are hunting an expensive bounty on data stolen by rebel operatives, data that could embarrass the Star Destroyer Captain that let it get away. The Captain has sent his loyal officer Lt Voors to supervise a group of Imperial hunters that they have previously done business with. He has also posted a substantial anonymous private bounty in the even his Imperial hunters fail. He is hedging his bets. If his Imperial hunters are good enough they can claim the bounty. If not someone else will.
The reward is 30K for the Rebel, dead or alive, and 45K for the stolen datadisk.

The PC's  learn from their Bounty Hunter Guild handler that the Rebel was spotted at Kwenn station near Hutt Space. The PC's are the closest guild members so off they go.

At the station they left their Mon Cal pilot to watch their ship. Soon they were recognized by Puggles Trodd, one of the rival Imperial hunters. Trodd hired Rodian mercs to attack the PCs but the Rodians were all killed in a massive blaster fight after springing their ambush. After that the PC's  meet a Hutt contact at a sleazy bar where the Skakoan uses an unregistered data terminal to find the Rebel from various cameras and then track her to the small hotel she is staying at.

Arriving at the hotel the old Gran running the place tells them which room the Rebel is in after they show her pic to him and give him a good pile of credits. He also warns them that other hunters arrived shortly before. The Skakoan stays downstairs plugging into a terminal to monitor things as the Wookie and Sullustan head upstairs. The turbo-lift opens on the correct floor and they run straight into DX, an independent battledroid bounty hunter and his repeating heavy blasters that he has instead of hands. After a fierce blast fight DX gets destroyed (and salvaged for the Skakoan.) The Sullustan is wounded but still up. During the confusion Trodd gets away through an air vent after killing the Rebel. The Wookie cuts off the Rebel's head as proof of capture and puts it in a sack. The Skakoan finds info that the data had been given to a Rebel smuggler registered out of Cloud City. And he left the station a half hour ago.

Taking off from Kwenn station in their modified YT-1930 they were set upon by what was left of the Rodian mercs seeking revenge. After a short dog-fight with the Rodians and their YT-1300 the PC's disabled the ship,  boarded it and began killing everyone. The Wookie even ripped the defiant  Rodian Captain's arm off. One gunner survived and showed the PC's where the Rodian Captain stored their credits in a hidden panel and was allowed to join the PC's crew. The Skakoan took the remains of a half crushed 3PO unit as salvage. He wants to build a droid cheap with spare parts.

They arrive at Cloud City an hour after the Imperial hunters. Unknown to both groups of hunters the Rebel with the data had not arrived yet as he had a slower hyperdrive. As a joke the Sullustan and Skokan get ahold of the Wookies vox box and change a few phrases such as No to Maybe.

After an interrogation by landing pad customs officers they get into the city (and lying saying they are not on a hunt.) They acquire a public service 3PO droid who is assigned to aid visitors and they definitely stand out in a crowd. Plus the Wook and Sullustan can't vocalize basic.

They find an old contact that owes the Wookie a favor, an Ortolan smugger who has done jobs for the Rebels. They learn the Rebels congregate in the Starlight cantina in the seedy underbelly of Cloud City known as Port Town.

They head to the Starlight, the Skakoan stays outside slicing into a public data terminal, and start asking questions as subtley as this group is capable of. The Skakoan recognizes the band leader as Skawn Bonaduna, a twi'lek fugitive with a 30k bounty with a disentigration order. They play it cool and observe the twi'lek when the Rebel Smuggler they're looking for comes in. Bonaduna and the Smuggler meet at the bar and have a quiet conversation.

The Wookie begins to use the jump servos in his bounty hunter armor to leap across the cantina at the rebels but he is shot from behind by the public service 3PO who has a hidden auto-blaster and a hidden flame projector in his arms. The droid is actually an agent for the Rebels. The hunters were observed by rebel operatives when they landed and the droid was sent in his cover of public service droid to monitor them.

All hell breaks loose four Rebels pull blasters and everyone opens fire. The other patrons all hug the floor and hide under tables. The Sullustan blows the droid to pieces and gets into a shoot out with several Rebels. While this happens the Wookie jumps across the cantina  to smash the two Rebels heads into the bar, knocking them out. He then beheads Bonaduna with his vibro-axe.

Outside the Skakoan sees a couple of Rebels who were watching the street head towards the cantina. He uses the terminal to drop blast doors on both ends of of the corridor sealing the cantina off from outside interferance.

Inside the Wookie and the Sullustan finish off the Rebel gunmen. The Wookie grabs the unconscious Smuggler and Bonaduna's head as a hallway blast door begins to open. The Wing Guard has arrived and are opening a way to the cantina. The Skakoan hustles inside, stoppng to pull the flame projector fuel tank from the droid's body and fling it at the door. The Sullustan blasts it and it explodes, flaming liquid jelly covering the entrance and holding off the Wing Guard. They run into a back office with an exit, herding the remaining cantina patrons to safety. A pair of doors lets them split off from the crowd and find their way up a level into an alley-way. The Skakoan takes a pic of Bonaduna's head on his datapad as proof. They notice a camera is watching them and they hurl the head at it.

The smuggler awakens and they interrogate him. The dead Rebel on Kwenn was his girlfriend and he freaks out when they tell him she is dead (and wisely do not mention they have her head in a freezer on the ship.) He asks if they killed her. All say no. The Wookie hits the NO button on his vox box and it comes out MAYBE. Their little practical joke backfires and the Smuggler freaks out.
After much explanation and footage of the fight with DX captured by the Skakoan the Smuggler calms down. He is a broken man and reveals he sent the data to two information brokers that work with the Rebels. One is a solicitor by trade and he sends them to the solicitor's office. They let him go and he then wanders off to whatever fate awaits him.

They find the solicitor's but the Imperials have been there already. The human broker is dead and the solicitor himself, a Bithian, cradles a stump where Kast removed his hand, torturing him. The Bithian, in agony, reveals that he sent the data via courier topside. The courier is to meet the leader of the Rebel cell on Cloud City, a Bothan businessman named Silver Fur, at a public plaza in a very nice section of the city. The meeting is in a half hour.

As he is babbling information the Wookie sees a blinking light under the Bithian's desk.  A thermal detonator is wired there. The Wookie grabs his confused companins and flees. In a flash of light the solicitor's office and a good chunk of the corridor is gone. It was on a timer set off by remote control. Trodd almost got them.

They head to a turbo lift and take a several minute journey to the upper levels. They emerge at the plaze and see many tourists and local civilians in nice clothing. They see the silver furred Bothan and a man in an orange courier uniform heading towards him across the plaza. Suddenly they hear the whine of a motor and a shoulder-fired missile hits the Bothan before the data is received. Several civilians are killed in the blast. Looking up they see a man in mandalorian armor on a nearby tower: Jodo Kast.

They open fire, missing Kast. They take cover and the fight is on.
Two Wingman run up towards Kast's position but he fires a wrist rocket at them, killing one along with a few more civilians.

A door opens below Kast's position and Puggles Trodd and Lt. Voors come out. They take up positions behind a few civilians that they use as shields. They intend to be rid of the PC's and then grab the data.

Kast flies down to them as the Sullustan moves forward firinig at Trodd but misses him and missing the civilian. The Skakoan takes a shot at Kast and misses.
The Wookie uses the jump servos to leap forward, taking several hits from Voors' heavy repeating blaster but no damage getting through. Frustrated Voors runs towards the Wookie to try to punch through the Wook's armor.
Trodd throws a stun grenade at the Sullustan but misses.

Trodd takes a head hit from the Skakoan but is still on his feet, barely.

Kast trades shots with the Sullustan and the Skakoan, hitting the Sullustan hard through his armor.
The Wookie cuts Lt. Voor to pieces as his armor holds up to the repeating blaster (which did misfire once.) He then servo jumps to the stage next to Kast.

Kast takes off with his jet pack while spraying down the Wookie with his flame projector lighting him on fire but doing little damage. The Wookie is frustrated as Kast lands on the tower and gets away.

Trodd drops a stun grenade at the Wookie who is dazed but still on his feet and slightly on fire.
Trodd is then hit in the chest and head by the Sullustan, killing him.

The Wing Guard arrives in force and the PC's lay down their arms and surrender.
They spends the night in jail and are interrogated fiercely.

They have up-to-date Imperial Peace Keeping Licenses and all the proper paper work to hunt the data.  No holo or vid cams were in the Starlight so there is no proof against them and their actions were against Rebels. None of the patrons have come forward as witnesses.
They also have witnesses and holo proof they did not fire first at the plaza; Kast did. They claim to have been defending civilians until the Wing Guard arrives.
No mention is made of the alley way camera and Bonaduna's head. Apparently someone other than the city was watching them via the camera.

The Baron Administrator, Dominic Raynor, knows it's bantha poo doo but has no real proof. And they did help take care of a growing Rebel problem that was gaining too much attention from Imperial Security Bureau agents hidden in the city. Cloud City must remain neutral.

With dire threats of shooting them out of the sky should they ever return while she is Baron Administrator Raynor lets them go.

They head off to collect their money and and wait for their next adventure.

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