Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Power Metalist: A not so serious OSR class

Prime Requ: Chs
Exp: As Cleric
HD: 1d6, +1 after ninth level
Save: As Cleric
Attack: As Cleric
Weapons: Any one-handed melee, ranged weapons.
Armor: Studded leather or lighter, shield.

This is not a subtle class. It is a garish spectacle of shock, awe, and rock. The Power Metalist must be able to sing and usually loudly to use his abilities.  If silenced he is just another mortal man. His voice is his life and his salvation.

Power Metalists travel seeking gold, glory, and babes. They relish the spotlight a hero receives and their ultimate goal is to enter Metal Valhalla upon death to rock with Metal Legends of the Past but can only do so if they die famous, rich, and epic. The measure of what is 'epic' is left up to the Metal Gods, and they can be fickle. 

The Power Metalist lives to sing. The louder and more brutal the song the better. A part of the cult of Metal (known as Metalheads) he has achieved a state of metalosity above the average singer and wordsmith with his craft and can physically effect the world and those around him with his voice. 

Power Metalists prefer black leathers adorned with spikes, chains, mail, and an assortment of bracers and grieves often with skull motifs. At first glance they are often mistaken for Necromancers. They can use any one-handed weapon and any ranged weapon. They often combine their holy guitars with axes to create a versatile instrument/holy item/weapon. These Holy Metal Axes have the stats of battle axes with the cost times five.  They will also seek out legendary musical weapons, even across time and space if necessary, such as the fabled Metal Axe rumored to be lost in Universe ASE2_3.

Power Metalist Special Abilities
Voice of Doom
The Power Metalist can focus his voice to damage a target. He can do nothing else in the round except for normal combat movement; the Voice of Doom takes all of his focus. The attack is a straight line with a maximum range of 30'.
The Metalist must roll a ranged attack to hit the foe; cover bonuses do apply. If succssful the damage is 1d6. 

Metal Wind

The Power Metalist can use his voice to create a wind strong enough  extinguish torches, disperse gases, and move object smaller than one pound. The Metal Wind is a cone effect as shown below.

Metal Storm

Increasing the power of his voice the Power Metalist can create winds strong enough to move objects up to one pound per level of the Metalist and batter enemies caught in the path of the Storm. Those caught in the Storm must make a Saving Throw or take 1d4 damage per two Metalist levels (round up) for each round they are battered by the voice and flying objects. Those caught in the Storm attempting to attack the Power Metalist suffer a penalty of -1 to melee attacks and -2 to missile attacks. 

The Power Metalist can do nothing else in the round except for normal combat movement. He can only maintain this effect for up to 1d6 rounds + 1 round per every three levels of the Metalist; he can end the Storm at any time prior to this. The Metal Storm is projected as a cone just like the Metal Wind.

He must rest his voice for 1 round for every two the Metal Storm was used. He cannot talk nor use voice abilities until this rest is taken.  If is so stressful on the Metalist's voice that he can only use the ability once per day at first level and once again at levels 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20.

Metal Wind/Storm Cone
Level       Feet
1-3 10x15
4-6 15x20
7-9 20x25
10-12 25x30
13+ 30x30

Power Metalist Powers (Identical to spells)
Level One: Pick three powers. Usable 1/day.
At Level Two, Four, Six etc pick a new Power or increase a current one by one use per day (up to a maximum of 3/day.)
There are four Power Levels. Each is available at certain Character Levels.

The Powers are not true spells but are spell-like abilities and are treated as spells in every way except for duration.

The Power only lasts as long as the Metalist is singing at the target. If he stops singing, for any reason (Silence spells, gagged, etc), the Power immediately ends. He can have multiple Powers enabled at once, but they all end the moment he cannot sing. If hit with a disruptive attack such as a tackle, breath weapon, etc the DM may call for a Saving Throw to see if the Metalist can maintain his song.

Character Level: Available Power Level

1-5: PL I
6-10: PLII
11-15: PL III
16-20: PL IV

Power Level I

Charm Person
Hold Portal
Protection from Evil

Power Level II

Charm Monster
Hold Person
Protection from Evil 10'

Power Level III

Feeblemind (Affects all classes. Duration is 1 hour + 10 minutes per Mentalist Level.)
Hold Monster
Power Word, Stun

Power Lever IV

Mass Charm
Power Word, Blind
Power Word, Kill
Time Stop


  1. By the sacred Maidens of Iron; this class is only for Men-O-War! Let the Hellion and Hammer fall upon the Iced Earth and scream for vengeance.