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OSR Oriental Adventures: Possessing Spirits (Yokai)

Possessing Spirits

Tsukimono is the possession of a body by a yokai or animal spirit. This is always involuntary as no invitation is given. The possession is forced upon the host body, often those who are weak of will, sick, or evil.

These spirits invade the flesh and twist it into a parody of the host body combined with the spirit's animal type. Given the joy of flesh they will often not be able to contain themselves and will glut themselves on drink, meat, blood, and violence. They are unnatural and must be hunted down and exorcised or destroyed for the sake of the areas they are terrorizing.

As presented here they are a template with features added onto the possessed character's level or NPC hit dice. While oriental in flavor they could easily be used for any horror game, fantasy to modern.

Each has unique abillites but all share a few features:
They retain all of the abilities and statistics of the host body but gain extra hit points and can regenerate damage due to their otherworldly origins. They retain the memories of the host body and may use that to their advantage.
They only take half damage from weapons which are not blessed (the spell), holy, magic, or with fire which will purify their flesh.
As a spirit or yokai they can be turned as if undead. They can also be barred from entering a dwelling if a talisman is placed upon the entryways. The possessing spirit must make a Saving Throw with a four penalty to enter.

Here are a few examples of a possessing animal spirit.

Fly and Spider
The fly and spider possessed are a hideous sight. Twisted human forms with exoskeletons, legs, wings, etc bursting forth from and melding with the human flesh. They are terrifying to behold.

A greasy exoskeleton, hairy legs, compound eyes, gigantic wings, and a drooling sucking mouth.
+2 hit points per level/hit dice.
+1 Armor Class (tough exoskeleton.)
Acid Vomit: Every third round the fly possessed can vomit stomach acid as a 10' ranged touch attack (no armor bonus.) 2d6 damage the first round, 1d6 the second round, Save for half.
Detect Carrion: 1-4/1d6, 100' radius.
Flight: 180'/60'.
Regeneration: 1 hit point per round.
Wall Walker: they're flies, they walk on walls and ceilings.

A hairy exoskeleton, large spider legs, mutiple spider eyes, and huge mandible dripping with venom.
+3 hit points per level/hit dice.
+3 Armor Class (tough exoskeleton.)
Claws: The large spider legs can slash twice per round for 1d4 damage per claw. If both hit the spider possessed automatically rips the victim for an extra 1d6 damage.
Bite: In lieu of the claw attacks the spider possessed can attack with its large mandibles. If the attack hits it does 1d6 damage and the victim is injected with a paralytic venom. He must make a Saving Throw or be paralyzed for 1d4 turns.
Regeneration: 2 hit points per round.
Wall Walker
Web: As per the spell. Can be used once per five rounds.

Shark and Squid
Unlike the fly and spider,  the shark and squid possessed are not masses of torn flesh and hideous parts. With shark and squid animal smoothly melds with man creating a new humanoid form. Although they prefer water each can operate on land. Their regenerative powers will protect them from dehydrating away from the waters.

Large humanoid form with shark fin, webbed hands and feet, rough hide, black shark eyes, and a mouth full of rows of razor sharp teeth.
+ 4 hit points per level/hit dice.
+3 Armor Class (tough skin.)
Amphibious: The shark possessed is as comfortable in water as it is on land. It can breathe under water and swim at a rate of 180'/60'.
Cold Immunity: Take one half damage, no damage when a Saving Throw is required and successful.
Bite: The powerful bite of the shark possessed does 1d8 damaged. If the attack is successful by five or more points the shark possessed clamps onto and begins to violently shake the victim doing an extra 1d8 that round. Each round after the victim will take an automatic 2d8 per round from bite/shake damage unless he makes a Strength check with a four penalty due to the shark possessed's jaw strength.
Blood Scent: When a creature is bleeding the shark possessed has a chance to sense it. In the water the chance is 50 percent plus 5 percent per level/hit dice with a maximum of 100. The range of this is 100' per level/hit dice. This chance is halved land and the range is 30' per level/hit dice.
Dark Vision: 60'.
Regeneration: 3 hit points per round.

Arms and legs become tentacles and four new ones emerge from the torso, the skin is rubbery and slick, and a squid's beak forms beneath black eyes.
+2 hit points per level/hit dice.
+2 Armor Class (rubbery skin.)
Amphibious: The squid possessed is as comfortable in water as on land. It can breathe under water and swim at a rate of 180'/60'.
Cold Immunity: Take one half damage, no damage when a Saving Throw is required and successful.
Dark Vison: 60'.
Ink Spray: Three times per day the squid possessed can release a jet of ink. If on land it can target one creature within 10' with a ranged touch attack (no armor bonus.) If successful the creature must make a Saving Throw or be blinded for 1d6 rounds. If released in the water it gives those within the cloud a -4 to hit penalty in the murky water.
Tentacles and Bite: The squid possessed attacks with four tentacles per round doing 1d3 damage per hit. If two or more hit the same foe in a round the target is automatically entangled and slowly crushed for 1d4 automatic damage per round and is dragged towards the squid possessed's beak for an extra attack (not automatic) doing 1d6 damage. The victim can break free with a strength check with a -1 penalty per tentacle attached. Until he does so he is subject to the automatic crushing damage and the extra beak attack.
Regeneration: 2 hit points per round.

Destroyer Demon
The Destroyer Demon is a rare possessing spirit that is not an animal spirit. It is the manifestation of nature's rage, hate, cruelty, and vengeance thrust into a human shell. The possessed body transforms into a large shaggy white-haired beast with red eyes and large iron teeth. Unlike possessing animal spirits the destroyer yokai will use man-made weapons. They are deadly foes given to murderous rage and debauchery against any living foe they encounter or stalk. The white fur is often stained with gore and offal of victims. While intelligent they often lose themselves to their rage and act as beasts. They usually feast on the corpses of their victims.
+5 hit points per level/hit dice.
+4 Armor Class (unnatural toughness.)
+4 bonus damage to strength and strength checks. The Destroyer is a physically powerful beserk thing filled with a terrible rage. This bonus damage is in additon to any normal strength bonus the character had. It applies to the Destoyer's bite or to weapon damage.
Beserk: The Destroyer gains an extra attack and a +2 bonus to hit in combat.
Bite: The Destroyer can bite with its iron teeth for 1d6 plus strength bonus + bonus damage. It prefers to use man-made weapons especially large weapons such as the naginata or tetsubo.
Cold Immunity
Dark Vison: 60'.
Regeneration: 4 hit points per round.
Track by Scent: The Destroyer has a base chance of 50 percent plus 5 percent per level/hit dice with a maximum of 100. This roll can be modified by weather and other conditions. This is also the percentage that the Destroyer avoids surprise if it is rolled against him.

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