Wednesday, May 20, 2015

White Star: A few Star Wars orientated classes. (OSR)

Here are three classes for White Star to give a bit more variety in a Star Wars style game.

Saving Throw as Skill System
Used in other games (such as the fantastic Crypts & Things) this simple rule adds an easy and elegant skill system. The character makes a Saving Throw roll + special ability bonus + bonus or penalty as the Referee sees fit. A total equal to or higher to the Saving Throw is a success.

For example a fifth level Mercenary is attempting to climb a cliff. The Referee rules he will get to use his Str bonus (if he has one; he does.)
His Saving Throw is 10, his Str bonus is +1, and the Referee rules this is a difficult task and puts forth a -4 penalty.

The Mercenary rolls a 13. 13 +1 (Str bonus) -4 (Referee penalty) = 10. A success!  Barely.

I allow multi-classing. It gets more abilities into a character's arsenal and it fits IMHO with the character's in the films. In my games Han Solo is a Pilot/Scoundrel. Chewie is an Alien Brute/Pilot.

Use your favorite method for this. There are many out there to choose from.

For my own games I am use the following:
Only one extra class may be chosen. If you are an alien, you start as an alien then you can multi-class into a regular class.

Gaining a Level: When you wish to gain your second Class you must earn enough exp to gain a new level in your current class. When this occurs the exp are spent (you are still at the current level of your first class at base exp for that level) and have gained your new Class at first level with 0 exp in this new class. You may level each class up normally from this point. From this point on you must choose which class to put your exp earnings into. The Referee may choose for you if you are obviously using one class over the other.

Hp's and Base to Hit are simply added together from level to level.
Saving Throws: The best of both is used.
Restrictions: Weapon and armor restrictions apply. If you take a class that restricts them you must follow these rules or you cannot use the class abilities that restrict them.

Bounty Hunter
HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Mercenary

  • +1 to surprise enemy (1-3 on a 1d6).
  • Detect Lie: +3 to Save, Wisdom bonus applies. When interrogating a contact, target, etc, the Bounty Hunter may make a roll to determine how good the info was.
  • Track: +3 to Save, Wisdom bonus applies. Not only physical tracking but following a trail of contacts, sightings, etc. A general ability to find the quarry.

HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Aristocrat

  • +2 Save vs Death and Poison
  • Medical Care: patient gains 2 hp/day instead of 1. Fully healed in two weeks. 
  • Bind Wounds: restores 1d6 instead of the normal 1d4.
  • Second Wind: when a character is at 0 or fewer hp's the medic can temporarily restore 1d6 hp's; they go away after one hour'

HD, Base to Hit, Saving Throw as Pilot

  • Gambler: +1 bonus to Gambling checks. Gains a +2 at 5th level.
  • Pilfer: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Palming items, picking pockets, other trickery. If failed the Referee will determine if you were caught. When gambling success adds a +1 bonus to the Gambling check.
  • Security: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Bypassing electronic and mechanical locks, traps, etc.
  • Sneak: +3 to Save, Dex bonus applies. Moving silently, hiding in shadow, you know: sneaking. Allows the character to get the drop on an enemy and get the x2 backstab bonus. 


  1. Alright this is damn good stuff David, nicely done pal.

  2. Great work, really like the multi-classing!

  3. Great work, really like the multi-classing!

  4. Thanks Bill! Working on some more this week.