Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Still alive.

Haven't  posted in a while. I spent June and July in and out of the hospital and nearly dead from an infection. This is not an exaggeration my doctor told me straight up about a month ago that he really thought I was going to die in hospital. I was flat on my back for 6 weeks and had to wear a diaper because I couldn't even walk much less sit up or do any of the normal daily activities such as getting my own food. Unless you've been this bad you do not know the joy of taking yourself to the restroom or being able to sit up and eat.

I'm still recovering, still a bit weak but I'm feeling a lot better and seeking employment again even if it's just part time.

As for this blog I did do quite a bit of writing when I was feeling better now I just need to put it in the computer and post some of the things. I did my usual OSR class building/rearranging for genres as well as a few monsters and several Adventure outlines. I'll try to get them posted in the next few weeks before Halloween. I especially enjoyed doing revisions on my pirates game and my Crusades game as well as home brewing mass ship combat rules for ages of sales and cannons. I also got to fool around with my Victorian and survival horror games as well . More to come soon hope you enjoy when I do.


  1. Glad that you pulled through. I wish you a swift convalescence and look forward to seeing your new stuff.

  2. @ David:

    Haven't seen your site before...looks like you've put a lot of work in, especially with regard to the home-brew Cthulhu. Are you currently running this? I'd be curious to see some blog posts about how CoC plays in an OSR-style system. Do you have an older blog (the first post on this one references earlier blogging)?

    Hope you're in better health and that your search for employment is going well. I know it's tough to find the energy/enthusiasm for writing when your health and finances are hurting. Best wishes for the coming year, regardless.

    1. thank you I am almost recovered.
      I have not ran a game in almost a year. We ran a number of gamesin the past few years with these rules, I also use them for not only classic 1920s and 30s games but also Colonial, Victorian and Western games. They went pretty smoothly. I also tend to tinker and update rules and class abiities a lot. Some of the class abilities have been altered slightly in play. Over all it seem to work pretty smoothly and the players enjoy when I run these types of games.
      Give it a try, tinker with it. That's why I love the old D&D games, easy to fit to my games and player's tastes.